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Smashing Conf San Francisco

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Smashing Newsletter Summer Edition

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Summer has finally arrived — even in the northernmost parts of Germany. There are many ways to beat the summer heat, and eating ice cream is one of them! Well, at least that’s what the Smashing team enjoys the most, while working long hours on the Smashing Book #4, the Smashing Conference2 preparations, and many other exciting projects!

A cover page of a Smashing Book #43 chapter.

No, we’re not preparing a book chapter on the history of ice cream, folks! We will always stay true to Web design and development, and really just wanted to whet your appetite for a special newsletter edition. And just in case some of you don’t happen to be huge fans of ice cream, we’ve prepared some other tasty topics for you, too! Also, if you happen to be in Freiburg, please do feel free to pass by our office4 for a beer, or perhaps even an… ice cream! ;-)

Keep calm and stay cool,
Iris (@smash_it_on)

Table of Contents

  1. We All Scream For Ice Cream5
  2. Sweet Inspiration6
  3. Free PDF: Sweet Code, Techniques And Hackery7
  4. Moments You’ll Never Forget8
  5. Pop Culture On A Stick9
  6. Dark Ice Cream Typeface10
  7. Free Icon Set: Yummy Icons11
  8. Gif Me An Ice Cream!12

1. We All Scream For Ice Cream

We hope this particular website will not make you exceptionally hungry or thirsty. We All Scream13 can not only bring you joy of making and eating ice cream, but it’s also a combination of two hobbies: making ice cream and drawing. Lili Chin enjoys collecting her favorite recipes from various books and blogs, and bringing them to life with overly charming characters as well as easy-to-follow instructions.

We All Scream For Ice Cream14

Why not try making different ice cream flavors such as “Goat Cheese & Pears15“, or “Honey Vegemite16” or even “Tropical Plum17“? Lili Chin adds new recipes weekly, and encourages you to get in touch with her if you have a favorite recipe you’d like to share with everyone! (kv)

2. Sweet Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but for me, happiness can always be found in beautifully crafted design and ice cream. Put the two together and you get an overload of sweet inspiration! Both of these Pinterest boards boast an impressive collection of ideas for sweet summer treats: Vintage Icecream Parlour and Ice Cream Packaging18. Wouldn’t you agree?

Sweet Inspiration

I mean, who could say “No!” to colourful sprinkles, cherries and sugar cones wrapped in beautifully hand-lettered packaging? Vintage inspired design has a certain charm about it and there is something so endearing about the imperfections that are found in hand-made designs. So what do you say? Have a browse to whet your appetite or for some summertime inspiration and try an ice cream recipe, or two! (sh)

3. Free PDF: Sweet Code, Techniques And Hackery

So maybe ice cream is not your thing after all, and maybe you’d rather prefer something a bit more… tangible, valuable and practical? Well, no worries! We still have a real sweet treat for you today. We’ve been editing and designing the upcoming Smashing Book #419, and we are very — very! — excited to share an exclusive peek into one of the full-fledged sample chapters of the Coding Book.

Free PDF: Sweet Code, Techniques And Hackery

Paul Tero’s fantastic chapter on “How to Fix the Web” covers obscure back-end techniques and clever Terminal tips. We are still working on the layout and typography, so please expect some changes, but the content is already rock solid (at least it should be!).

To download the free PDF, just log into your account20 in the Smashing Shop or register an account if you don’t have one yet. Then you’ll find the PDF in Downloads21. And who knows, maybe — just maybe — you’ll need some refreshments before reading just to make sure that your head doesn’t explode. Happy reading! (vf)

4. Moments You’ll Never Forget

Perhaps you’re standing in front of an incredible building in a foreign city, or you’re touched by the smile of your loved one in a fantastic restaurant, or perhaps you’re just eating a delicious ice cream with your best friend, looking at the ocean waves colliding right in front of you. These are the moments that you’ll never forget — moments that tell a story of your life. But what if you and the people around you could place their most meaningful moments on a map and connect those moments? In its essence, that’s what Hi!2422 is all about.

Moments You'll Never Forget23

Hi!2422 is a platform that lets you attach a snippet of text and a photograph to a location and share it with others to create a narrative map of the world. But every moment has to be special and unique, and it has to mean something; you capture things worth capturing and extend them with a short story, perhaps just a haiku, that describes your current experience. Perhaps it’s worth pulling out that smartphone the next time you’ve ordered your favourite ice cream, after all. (vf)

5. Pop Culture On A Stick

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,” you say? Boring! How about giving “Che Guevara Mate and Rum” a try? Or would you prefer “Mark Zuckerberg Butterfly Pea Flower” instead? No kidding, these are in fact real ice cream flavors. Have a look at these popsicles that are incredibly detailed miniature versions of cultural key icons, each one equipped with a unique flavor that reflects their role in contemporary culture.

Pop Culture On A Stick

In case you’re musing about the connection between Mark Zuckerberg and Butterfly Pea Flower, there’s an easy yet brilliant explanation for it: “Butterfly Pea Flower” is a natural blue dye that is known for eliminating eye fatigue. Just what everyone who spends a lot of time in front of their screens need, right? (cm)

6. Dark Ice Cream Typeface

How many ice cream fonts will I get to see in my life? I doubt that I will ever see one which I like better than the “Dark Ice Cream2725” typeface. Imagine a group of ice creams who once got together and said, “Let’s be more than just ice cream. Let’s not end up in bellies — let’s make it all the way to the World Wide Web!” And here you go, they’ve made it! The result is a frosty, creamy, cool, yummy, melting and live typeface!

Dark Ice Cream Typeface26
Dark Ice Cream2725 was created by Sergey Ermakov and Olesya Poplavskaya who are designers and art directors at CODE501. Make sure to have a look at this typeface — there’s even an animated ice cream QR code available! (ea)

7. Free Icon Set: Yummy Icons

As you probably already know, we publish freebies28 every now and then on Smashing Magazine. Today, we’d like to put the spotlight on a particular icon set and give it the attention it deserves: Free Food & Cakes Icon Set29. This set comes in vector and pixel formats and can be immediately built into your projects at no cost.

Free Icon Set: Yummy Cake Icons30

Feel free to bake it into both your private and commercial projects, including software, online services, templates and themes. We hope you enjoy this icon set as much as we do! (il)

8. Gif Me An Ice Cream!

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but by the time that picture has been drawn, an animated GIF has already told a story in only a few seconds! Giphy31 is not only a comprehensive search engine for animated GIFs, but also offers GIF screensavers and a fun GIF memory game.

Gif Me An Ice Cream!32

Giphy provides dozens of categories and tags that you can use to find just the right images just for the right purpose at almost every life situation. Furthermore, you can subscribe to a weekly email digest of new GIFs, submit your own pieces of art and even request a GIF of your choice. Whatever you do, be sure to pronounce33 ‘GIF’34 in a way35 that people around you understand what you mean! (il)

Thank You For Reading!

Phew, now that’s a lot of ice cream for one day! What do you drink or eat on a hot summer day? What’s the weather like on your end of the screen? Share a picture with us via Twitter using the hashtag #smashingsummer.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this extra Summer Edition, and we look forward to seeing your photos soon!

Warm greetings from Freiburg,
The Smashing Magazine Team

The authors in this newsletter are: The contributors to this issue are: Iris Lješnjanin (il), Vitaly Friedman (vf), Esther Arends (ea), Shavaughn Haack (sh), Cosima Mielke (cm) and Kristina Vogt (kv).


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    A sweet newsletter! See you at the conference for an ice and a beer! :o)

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  3. 3

    Helpful analysis – Just to add my thoughts , people are interested in a IRS 1099-MISC , my kids filled out and esigned a fillable document here


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