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Our charming Smashing TV

Smashing TV

Monthly webinars with practical techniques and solutions. Not just talks — conversations and "show-me-how-you-work"-sessions on front-end, UX, design and everything in-between. With smart cookies from the web industry. Moderated by Bruce Lawson and Scott Whitehead.

Smashing TV, a new Hollywood blockbuster, with interviews and live streams for web designers and developers.
_.-–-.._ _.-–-...__ .-' /\ \ .' /\ / `. ( ) \ / ( ) / `. \/ .'\ /`. \/ .' ``-–-'' ) ( ``-–-'' .';.-–.;`. .' /_...._\ `. .' `.a a.' `. ( \/ ) `.___..-'`-..___.' \ / `-.____.-' -–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-– Oh hello there. If you're reading this note, you're quite a snowflake. Meow right at ya! -–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-– Well done, Garfield! ;-) You cracked the system! We need smart cookies like you in our family, you know. We want to make our webinars affordable and accessible for everybody. If you feel like you *have* to attend for free, that's perfectly fine — we are happy to welcome you. By the end of the day, we still have got to pay the bills somehow. So perhaps you do have a few pennies to spend every month after all. Every contribution counts, you know. Explore Membership and how we spend the money: Happy watching! ;-) Vitaly and the Smashing Team (Cat credit: Felix Lee.
December 18, 10:00 EST

State Of The Web In South East Asia

South East Asia has a population of a billion people, set to double to 2 billion by 2050. It has an incredibly young demographic, and a rapidly growing middle class with disposable income. Many of these people will be your next customers.

But it’s also an amazingly diverse region, from the skyscrapers of the city state of Singapore, to the thousands of islands that make up Indonesia. Developers who live the region will tell you about their homelands, how the web differs from that in Europe and USA, the challenges they face, and give you a head start when it comes to serving new customers from the region.

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