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Our charming Smashing TV

Smashing TV Monthly webinars with practical techniques and solutions. Not just talks — conversations and "show-me-how-you-work"-sessions on front-end, UX, design and everything in-between. With smart cookies from the web industry. Moderated by Bruce Lawson and Scott Whitehead.

Smashing TV, a new Hollywood blockbuster, with interviews and live streams for web designers and developers.
_.-–-.._ _.-–-...__ .-' /\ \ .' /\ / `. ( ) \ / ( ) / `. \/ .'\ /`. \/ .' ``-–-'' ) ( ``-–-'' .';.-–.;`. .' /_...._\ `. .' `.a a.' `. ( \/ ) `.___..-'`-..___.' \ / `-.____.-' -–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-– Oh hello there. If you're reading this note, you're quite a snowflake. Meow right at ya! -–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-– Well done, Garfield! ;-) You cracked the system! We need smart cookies like you in our family, you know. We want to make our webinars affordable and accessible for everybody. If you feel like you *have* to attend for free, that's perfectly fine — we are happy to welcome you. By the end of the day, we still have got to pay the bills somehow. So perhaps you do have a few pennies to spend every month after all. Every contribution counts, you know. Explore Membership and how we spend the money: Happy watching! ;-) Vitaly and the Smashing Team (Cat credit: Felix Lee.

Progressive Web Applications For Production In 1-2-3 (Part 1)

In part one of this three-part hands-on coding series, we’ll look at why the idea of Progressive Web Apps has become so popular, which APIs are in the game, and where (browsers/platforms) PWAs work. We start by answering these questions and then dive directly into coding a minimum viable PWA to understand the foundations of Service Workers and to make sure that it’s cool to have some helper tools there. Feel free to either just watch, or code along too!

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  • Speaker: Maxim Salnikov
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$ 49.00 $ 69.00

60 mins talk + 30 mins Q&A.
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Dotty About Dotfiles!

If you’ve ever used an open source project, you might have seen a dotfile before, such as .editorconfig or .eslintrc. A dotfile, literally, is a filename that starts with a dot. In projects they’re often used for configuration. In the same way, we can add dotfiles at the root directory of a user to power up our development machine setup with super powers!

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