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Auditing Performance, Live

Auditing Performance, Live

In this “this-is-how-I-work” session, Tim Kadlec will conduct a performance audit on the fly. You’ll get a feel for how to analyze the performance of a site using a few different tools, key issues to zero in on, and how to prioritize the results of your analysis.

About The Session

Thursday, April 5, 15:00 GMT.

Tim will be looking into a workflow for finding and dealing with performance bottlenecks and explore common performance problems appearing in websites and apps. We’ll dive deep into different tools, patterns and common strategies for faster and resilient experiences on both stable and fragile connections.

Format: 45 min presentation + 15min Q&A.

1 hour. Thursday, April 5, 15:00 GMT.

About The Speaker

Tim is a web developer living in northern Wisconsin with his wife and three daughters. He is very passionate about the Web and can frequently be found speaking about what he’s learned at a variety of Web conferences. Currently Tim is working at Snyk, helping developers use open source and stay secure, and continuously find and fix vulnerabilities in your dependencies.

He wrote ‘Implementing Responsive Design: Building sites for an anywhere, everywhere web’ and was a contributing author for the Web Performance Daybook Volume 2.

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What’s Smashing TV?

Smashing TV is a brand new series of webinars and live streams packed with practical tips for designers and developers. Not just talks — conversation with “show-me-how-you-work”-sessions. Smashing Members can download recordings, too.

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