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Get Ready For Gutenberg

Get Ready For Gutenberg

The new Gutenberg editor is set to be the biggest change most WordPress users have seen. And not just for developers — it also changes the way content creators will work. What do you need to know as a web developer who works with WordPress? And what advice do you need to give your clients who create and update content?

About The Session

Tuesday, January 29, 11:00AM EST.

The bulk of the presentation will be focused on how to make sure Gutenberg helps your business, rather than hurts it. You’ll learn how to get clients on board (new and old), how to get content creators/team members on board, as well as how to make the most of it for themselves.

There will be a dummy Gutenberg-driven website up on the screen throughout the presentation so you can see examples of what’s being discussed.

Please note, we’ll use the Zoom platform for this webinar, for improved video quality.

45 mins + Q&A. Tuesday, January 29, 11:00AM EST.

About The Speaker

Suzanne Scacca is a former WordPress implementer, trainer and agency manager who now works as a freelance copywriter. She specializes in crafting marketing, web design, WordPress and millennial-related content for a variety of publications.
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