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Inspired By: Avaunt Magazine

In the first edition of “Inspired by,” Andy will “Say hello to skinny columns,” a technique which adds one extra narrow column to an otherwise conventional column grid. He will explain how to design with, then implement skinny columns using meaningful markup and efficient CSS. He will explain how to design using modular grids to fill your designs with energy.

About The Session

  • Speaking: Andrew Clarke
  • Date:

“Inspired by” webinar series

Due to technologies like CSS Grid and Flexbox, there’s been a resurgence of interest in creative design and art direction. While articles about how to use these technologies are common, when and why to use them is hardly ever discussed. Very few people are taught design fundamentals or see inspiring examples to learn from. Through this unique “Inspired by” series of webinars, Andy Clarke plans to change that.

Throughout this year, Andy monthly “Inspired by…” webinars will:

  • Examine an influential designer or piece of work
  • Teach the principles which make it exceptional
  • Apply those principles to design for the web
  • Describe the code someone would need to implement it

Each month, there will be:

  • A beautifully art-directed article (HTML/CSS and PDF)
  • Full code examples
  • A one hour webinar

Download the PDFs and code samples

About The Speaker

Andy Clarke is a well-known web designer, design consultant, and mentor. He’s been called plenty of things since he started working on the web. His ego likes terms such as “Ambassador for CSS,” “industry prophet,” and “inspiring,” but he’s most proud that Jeffrey Zeldman once called him a “triple-talented bastard.” With his wife Sue, Andy founded Stuff & Nonsense in 1998, where they’ve helped companies around the world to improve their designs by providing consulting and design expertise.
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