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Selling Design Systems

It doesn’t matter how good your product is — if you can’t sell it, it won’t see the light of day. In this conversation, we’ll learn how to speak the language of our executives so that we can get on with the impactful and challenging work of creating a more systematic design practice.

About The Session

  • Speaking: Ben Callahan
  • Date:

Selling Design Systems

To effectively sell something, you must know your audience. We'll break this group into internal and externally focused individuals and think through new ways to speak about the benefits offered by design systems. We'll talk through adjustments in the words we use to describe ideas like efficiency, consistency, accessibility, usability, and on-boarding so that you can get the support you need from the people can offer it. This session is for you if:

  • you find yourself defending the idea of a design system in your organization;
  • you are considering starting a design system at your organization;
  • you feel your existing design system could benefit from more executive support;
  • you want to understand how to speak to your executives about the benefits of a design system.

About The Speaker

President and Founding Partner of Sparkbox, a design and software studio working hard to create a better web. With a background in computer science, a career as a frontend developer, and a passion for growing teams, Ben brings a passion for the people of this industry to his work. Learn more about him at
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