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The State Of Front-End/UX In Russia

Webinar by Vadim Makeev

The State Of Front-End/UX In Russia

Date changed! What’s the state of front-end and design in Russia? What do you need to know when working with Russia clients? How are they different from North-American and European clients? What about timelines, budgets and expectations? Join an open discussion with our good friend Vadim Makeev, currently living in St. Petersburg, about all of it.


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45 mins talk + 30 mins Q&A.
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About the session

Date changed: Wednesday, Jan 31, 15:00 GMT.
We all live in our wonderful cozy bubbles. Often with a powerful machine and a blazingly fast Internet connection. We are used to our tools, and we are used to our workflows, and we are used to best practices that we employ almost mindlessly in every project.

With the Global Web Design series, we're looking at the state of design, front-end and UX outside of our convenient bubble and explore how people work, design, build and play globally.

In the second episode, we'll talk with our good friend Vadim Makeev, a developer who used to work for Opera, now living back in St. Petersburg, Russia. A conversation about the state of things in Russia, and things we need to know when designing for that markets.

Format: 60 mins open conversation.

1 hour. Wednesday, January 31, 15:00 GMT.

About The Speaker

Vadim is a developer, speaker, conference organizer. Founder of Web Standards, the first front-end community in Russia. Organizer of Web Standards Days conference, former co-organizer of RIT++, the biggest Russian IT conference. Founder and organizer of pitercss meetup and pitercss conf in St. Petersburg. The author of Zen Coding (Emmet) idea and Shower presentation engine. The host of Web Standards podcast, author of more than 30 talks, one of the most well-known DevRel person and browser company representative in Russia. Currently living in St. Petersburg, Russia.
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