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The State Of Design In Egypt

The State Of Design In Egypt

(New session start: 4pm GMT) A live conversation with dina Amin, a product designer from Egypt, about the state of the design community in Egypt, the web — and why she doesn’t like capital D.

About The Session

Tuesday, Feb 27, 16:00 GMT (Updated)
In this session, we are talking with dina Amin, a product designer from Cairo, Egypt, who loves to explore the intersections between various disciplines. We’ll look into the culture and the infrastructure in Egypt, local communities, what the web is like, the influence of culture, language and mentality on design, and what it takes to succeed as a designer in the Middle East.

In 2016, dina started a side project called ‘Tinker Friday’ on Instagram, where she combined her passion for product design and stop motion with her views on consumerism. In this stop motion series, dina shows people what’s inside the countless things they throw away, in unusual ways. dina continues to tinker, making new items out of old ones, constantly telling stories and showing people things in a completely different way.

Format: 60 mins open conversation.

1 hour. Tuesday, February 27, 16:00 GMT.

About The Speaker

dina Amin is a product designer from Cairo, Egypt. She completed her B.A. (Hons) in Industrial Design in Malaysia. Although trained as a Product Designer, dina loves to explore the intersections between various disciplines. She developed an array of skills from working in different fields such as Content Design, Writing, Design Research and Development, and Community Building.
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