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How To Improve Your Email Workflow With Modular Design

Whether you’re in a Fortune 500 company or part a two-person team launching your first web app, email is one of the most important tools for reaching your customer base. But with the ever-growing number of emails to send, getting them all out the door can seem a little overwhelming.

Improve Your Email Workflow With Modular Design

By putting in place a solid email design workflow, you’ll be able to regularly ship engaging and mobile-friendly emails with ease.


How To Make An Effective Style Guide With Adobe Fireworks

I started with style guides like any other obsessive-compulsive designer: with the desire to make it simple to maintain and grow a design. Plus, knowing which component to use in a given situation is nice, too, right? Since making this a regular practice, I’ve found it’s been like having a nice combination of a CSS class and a pattern library all in one.

How To Make An Effective Style Guide With Adobe Fireworks

One of the first questions, understandably, is why use Fireworks for a style guide? Well, for me, it’s mostly because of symbols and styles. Sure, you could use similar things in Photoshop, but I find Fireworks’ implementation to be smarter.


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