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Upcoming Web Design Conferences (June–October 2017)

Conferences are about gathering information and knowledge but are also opportunities to meet and learn from like-minded folks in the web design community. Plus, you’ll be exposed to a large amount of new information, so be prepared to absorb the latest techniques brought to you by distinguished authors and speakers!

As you may know, we run a few practical conferences every year ourselves. Next up: SmashingConf New York1 on June 13–14!

Smashing Conference New York 2017, June 13-142

This 2-day-one-track-event brings together smart and friendly people willing to share their tricks and training methods, like Sara Soueidan, Jake Archibald, Yiying Lu and Eric Reiss.

We are also running 10 Smashing Workshops3 on June 12th and 15th! Learn about amazing illustrations from Yuko Shimizu, fighting UX and design battles with Joe Leech, and commanding Responsive Web Design with Vitaly Friedman, plus so many more! We sold out all workshops in the last year, so please don’t wait too long to secure your seat!4

Enough for the plug, now let’s dive into our list for May throughout September.

TypoTalks Berlin 201711
“Many people still haven’t embraced the joy of change. TYPO Berlin 2017 will tackle methodological agility, and aims to facilitate a rethinking. Visitors and speakers from all over the world meet at TYPO Berlin. The program encompasses more than 60 presentations, workshops, interviews, films, discussions, and much more on 5 stages.”

  • When: May 25-27, 2017
  • Where: Berlin, Germany
TypoTalks Berlin 201712

Frontend United 201713
“Frontend United is a yearly European conference that moves from country to country. Its aim is to bring frontend developers, designers and Drupal themers from all kinds of backgrounds closer together and share knowledge, experiences and ideas face-to-face. We reach out to specialists around the globe to share their passion.”

  • When: May 26-27, 2017
  • Where: Athens, Greece
Frontend United 201714

PyConWEB 201715
“A conference about Python and Web stack, Django, Plone, Tornado, TurboGears, Pyramid and other web-related tools. Talks and workshops by core developers and experts. Now, all covered in one conference” with “30 international speakers and 3 tracks of talks and workshops.”

  • When: May 27-28, 2017
  • Where: Munich, Germany
PyConWEB 201716

Webinale 201717
“The webinale is the conference for digital professionals, trendsetters, and makers on the World Wide Web – it is the optimal crossover platform for knowledge, inspiration, and experience across all fields of Web technologies.”

  • When: May 29-June 02, 2017
  • Where: Berlin, Germany
Webinale 201718

Angular Cruise19
“Sail the Bahamas with us! This is a 3 1/2 day conference with speakers, excursions, workshops, and more. 2 Keynotes, 14 Angular talks, 4 Angular Panels, 3 Interactive Angular Sessions, Unconference Sessions and ONE BILLION Angular Games!”

  • When: May 29-June 02, 2017
  • Where: Miami, FL, USA
Angular Cruise20

Emerging Learning Design Conference 201721
“OLC is teaming up with Emerging Learning Design (ELD) for a 3-day professional development opportunity where we will share presentations on the topics of active learning, digital humanities, games and gamification, STEAM, and so much more!
You’ll get the chance to hear from experts regarding current and emerging trends focused on the convergence of teaching, learning, and technology.”

  • When: May 31-June 02, 2017
  • Where: Montclair, NJ, USA
Emerging Learning Design Conference 201722

June 2017

Web Rebels 201723
“Web Rebels is a non-profit, community driven conference for everyone who loves developing applications and services using web technology. Two days, one track, 16 speakers — and a member of the JSConf Family Of Events.”

  • When: June 1-2, 2017
  • Where: Oslo, Norway
Web Rebels 201724

Awwwards Los Angeles Conference 201725
“Each year digital architects, pixel visionaries and curators of dreams alike, come together in iconic cities all over the world to share with us their best-kept secrets.”

  • When: June 1-2, 2017
  • Where: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Awwwards Los Angeles Conference 201726

Shift Developer Conference 201727
“The biggest Developer Conference in Southeast Europe. This event, Shift 2017 is the sixth and will bring together more than 1500 attendees. During the two conference days, Shift becomes a meeting place for developers in the most beautiful city in the world.”

  • When: June 1-2, 2017
  • Where: Split, Croatia
Shift Developer Conference 201728

RevolutionConf 201729
“RevolutionConf is a two-day, platform and language agnostic, software development conference being held on June 1-2 2017. The goal of RevolutionVA is to unite software developers in the mid-Atlantic region through conferences, and career and learning opportunities.”

  • When: June 1-2, 2017
  • Where: Virginia Beach, VA, USA
RevolutionConf 201730

Music City Code 201731
“Music City Code conference strives to inspire progress in the technology community through education, professional development & thought leadership.”

  • When: June 1-3, 2017
  • Where: Nashville, TN, USA
Music City Code 201732

Digital Design Days + OFFF 201733
“Digital Design Days is a 3-day event offering exclusive conferences, the second Offf Milano edition, professional workshops, digital showcases & installations, a party, an unmissable experiential Gala DDDinner and many more networking activities.”

  • When: June 1-3, 2017
  • Where: Milan, Italy
Digital Design Days + OFFF 201734

WebConf Asia 201735
“ is a one day conference featuring awesome talks with practical advice from international web experts. Whether you are a (UX/UI) designer, a front-end or back-end developer, copywriter or project manager – you will love the high-quality talks.”

  • When: June 3, 2017
  • Where: Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
WebConf Asia 201736

“RubyC is the major Ukrainian conference devoted to Ruby, Rails and related technologies. Organized annually by Svitla Systems, RubyC gathers hundreds of Ruby enthusiasts from all over the world to discuss the latest news and spend a beautiful summer weekend in Kyiv.”

  • When: June 3-4, 2017
  • Where: Kiev, Ukraine

UXPA 201739
“Whether you’re running an in-house UX department or managing a team at an agency that services many clients, you know how hard it can be to keep on top of emerging trends.”

  • When: June 5-8, 2017
  • Where: Toronto, Canada
UXPA 201740

“Most iOS and tech conferences are focused on talks from start to finish. Thus they create a very dense timetable with very limited space for conversations, breathing and thinking.
Woid: Konf is an experimental iOS conference that combines technical talks with great social activities in the gorgeous bavarian forest.”

  • When: June 6-7, 2017
  • Where: Zwieslerwaldhaus, Germany

Enterprise UX 201743
“There are dozens of excellent UX-related conferences. Why do we need one more?
Because enterprise UX problems are uniquely wicked ones, with overwhelming challenges of scale, complexity, and distributed decision-making, and intertwined with organizational behavior. Rather than covering basic UX skills, Enterprise UX 2017 will provide inspiration and models of success from leading organizations like Hewlett-Packard, Pacific Gas & Electric, and SAP. We’ll cover how UX is practiced in these enterprises, and how in turn UX is changing the way those enterprises work.”

  • When: June 7-9, 2017
  • Where: San Francisco, CA, USA
Enterprise UX 201744

UX Scotland 201745
“Returning for its 5th year, UX Scotland 2017 is the UX & design conference that allows participants to connect and learn from their peers and leaders in the industry. You’ll leave with new ideas and skills to improve your user experiences, an increased professional network, and memories of many useful conversations.”

  • When: June 7-9, 2017
  • Where: Edinburgh, UK
UX Scotland 201746

Kerning 201747
“Kerning features two days of workshops (June 7th and 8th) and a Conference day full of talks (June 9th). Kerning offers a very interesting chance to meet developers, gurus, managers and innovators from all over the world. Kerning is a non-profit event. We want to help grow a community of prepared developers keeping knowledge affordable.”

  • When: June 7-9, 2017
  • Where: Faenza, Italy
Kerning 201748

Flupa UX-Days 201749
“Since its first edition in 2012, the FLUPA UX-Day has quickly established itself as the essential meeting place for UX professionals (from the public or private sectors, researchers, students). Bringing together more than 200 participants each year since 2012, 300 in 2015, the FLUPA UX-Day offers exchange with UX professionals.”

  • When: June 8-9, 2017
  • Where: Paris, France
Flupa UX-Days 201750

The Lead Developer UK 201751
“When you’re busy leading a team, coding and maintaining standards, how do you find the time to stay ahead of new technologies and develop yourself as a technical lead?
The Lead Developer UK 2017 is a 2-day conference featuring practical advice from experts on leading and motivating your team and high-level sessions on new and disruptive technologies.”

  • When: June 8-9, 2017
  • Where: London, UK
The Lead Developer UK 201752

JS Heroes 201753
“We’re planning for JSHeroes to be the biggest tech Conference in Romania, dedicated solely to JavaScript. We’ll get our engine going with 20 international JavaScript experts and we’ve chosen a venue that allows a crowd of up to 500 attendees.”

  • When: June 8-9, 2017
  • Where: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
JS Heroes 201754

UX Burlington 201755
“A single day, conference-style gathering, focused on what it really takes to build a great user experience on the web. The conference will be held in Burlington, Vermont, a celebrated, vibrant, small city located on the eastern shoreline of Lake Champlain.”

  • When: June 9, 2017
  • Where: Burlington, VT, USA
UX Burlington 201756

Generate San Francisco 201757
“Generate conferences are brought to you by net magazine and Creative Bloq, the world’s leading design titles, and curated by Oliver Lindberg. All our events aim to be a valuable source of practical takeaways, inspiration and networking opportunities. Generate is packed with top content from world-class speakers and help you sharpen your web design skills.”

  • When: June 9, 2017
  • Where: San Francisco, CA, USA
Generate San Francisco 201758

ReactJS Day59
“React.js is the JavaScript library developed by Facebook and Instagram to create fast and reusable user interfaces.
Introducing new development paradigms and best practices to the frontend, it has gathered a large and active community of developers. The conference is organized by GrUSP, the organizers of jsDay, in partnership with FEVR.”

  • When: June 10, 2017
  • Where: Verona, Italy
ReactJS Day60

M-Enabling Summit 201761
“The M-Enabling Summit is the only program exclusively dedicated to promoting mobile accessible and assistive applications and services for senior citizens and users of all abilities. It is an annual meeting place for all who create and contribute accessible ICT products, services and consumer technologies.”

  • When: June 12-14, 2017
  • Where: Washington, D.C., USA
M-Enabling Summit 201762

GoTo Amsterdam 201763
“We believe that learning is a life-long process that’s why we create conferences for developers by developers. That’s what drives us to produce the best meeting place for innovators and thought leaders. In 2017 GOTO Amsterdam returns for its seventh edition. The conference topic is Digital Transformation, a topic that couldn’t be more relevant.”

  • When: June 12-14, 2017
  • Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
GoTo Amsterdam 201764

NDC Oslo 201765
“NDC Oslo will be a 5-day event with 2 days of pre-conference workshops and 3 days of conference. The conference will cover topics such as NET Framework, Agile, C++, Cloud, Database, Design, DevOps, Embedded, Front-End Framework, Fun, Functional Programming, Gadgets, Internet of Things, Javascript, Microsoft, Misc Languages, Mobile, People, Programming Languages, Security, Techniques, Testing, Tools, UX – Web and more.”

  • When: June 14-16, 2017
  • Where: Oslo, Norway
NDC Oslo 201766

“Are you an early adopter of tech products? Looking for a job at a startup? Covering the Los Angeles tech scene for a publication? Looking to invest in the next Facebook? Or just a plain old tech enthusiast? Then YOU and thousands like you attend TECHSPO LA! The Best Part? It’s FREE!”

  • When: June 14-16, 2017
  • Where: Los Angeles, CA, USA

ConvergeSE 201769
“It’s for designers with a free heart and a love of details. It’s for the developers who code for joy and are filled with a passion for technology. It’s for the love of the web and the love of our community. Converge SE is for you and me and everyone.”

  • When: June 14-16, 2017
  • Where: Columbia, SC, USA
ConvergeSE 201770

DinosaurJS Conference 201771
“DinosaurJS is a non-profit, community-driven JavaScript conference happening in Denver, Colorado.”

  • When: June 15, 2017
  • Where: Denver, CO, USA
DinosaurJS Conference 201772

UX Strat Europe 201773
“UX STRAT’s vision is to help mid and senior-level UX/Product/Service Design pro’s continue to grow in their skills & careers.”

  • When: June 15-16, 2017
  • Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
UX Strat Europe 201774

PiterCSS Conference 201775

  • When: June 16, 2017
  • Where: TBA, USA
PiterCSS Conference 201776

CSSDay 201777
“CSS Day is a two-day advanced web development conference, one day about CSS, and one day about HTML. The new HTML Special treats a few advanced HTML5 topics such as iframes, links, and SVG.”

  • When: June 15-16, 2017
  • Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
CSSDay 201778

dmi:Design Management Conference Europe79
“The Design Management Conference #DMC17 held every year in Europe, draws executives, founders, and emerging leaders in Design and Innovation Management. This year in Oslo we will focus on sustainability in all its forms: sustainability in business models, markets, organizations, culture, cities and environments.”

  • When: June 19-21, 2017
  • Where: Oslo, Norway
dmi:Design Management Conference Europe80

The O’Reilly Velocity Conference81
“We’ve reached a point where the component parts of our software—technical, social, and organizational—exceed our ability to control their complexity. How do we build and manage systems that are too large to understand, too complex to control, and that fail in unpredictable ways?”

  • When: June 19-22, 2017
  • Where: San Jose, CA, USA
The O'Reilly Velocity Conference82

O’Reilly Fluent 201783
“Since 2012, Fluent has brought together talented people from diverse backgrounds who are building great projects and experiences for the web. Developers, software engineers, interaction and UX designers, and web professionals come to Fluent to share their experiences and expertise, and to keep up with the sheer volume of new and evolving web development tools and practices.”

  • When: June 20-22, 2017
  • Where: San Jose, CA, USA
O'Reilly Fluent 201784

Devoxx Poland 201785
“Devoxx is a conference by developers for developers at an affordable price this way every developer can enjoy this unique experience. [We provide] a first class tech conference where passionate developers can network, hack, get inspired and learn all week long. During 4 days, 2.500 Devoxxians from 20 different countries attend Devoxx Poland including 100 speakers and another 600K developers enjoy the presentations online. Making Devoxx the biggest Java conference in Poland.”

  • When: June 21-23, 2017
  • Where: Krakow, Poland
Devoxx Poland 201786

Pixel Pioneers 201787
“Pixel Pioneers is a brand new series of affordable events bringing world-class advice from the brightest minds in web design and development to the UK. Curated by Oliver Lindberg, former editor of net magazine with more than a decade of experience in the web industry, the events are tailored to the web’s vibrant community. ”

  • When: June 22, 2017
  • Where: Bristol, UK
Pixel Pioneers 201788

App Design & Development Conference89
“Millions of app designers and developers around the world work side by side every day to build some of the most incredible and innovative applications. This single-track two-day conference will take place this summer in a lively town of Barcelona, Spain.”

  • When: June 22-23, 2017
  • Where: Barcelona, Spain
App Design & Development Conference90

We RISE Women in Tech Conference91
“Women Who Code Atlanta is hosting a conference featuring you! We RISE is all about growing and showcasing women in technology. For two days, we’ll be featuring women and allies doing amazing work from all over the world. You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind event!”

  • When: June 23-24, 2017
  • Where: Atlanta, GA, USA
We RISE Women in Tech Conference92

GORUCO 201793
“GORUCO is a one day, single track conference in New York City. Over the years GORUCO has invested considerable time, energy, and resources into diversity and inclusion initiatives.”

  • When: June 24, 2017
  • Where: New York, NY, USA
GORUCO 201794

AngularUP 201795
“Hear top speakers from around the world. Learn about the present and future of Angular and its ecosystem, TypeScript, tools and much more. Join our Angular tour of Israel, float in the dead sea, walk in the streets of Jerusalem, and eat great Hummus.”

  • When: June 25, 2017
  • Where: Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
AngularUP 201796

QCon New York 201797
“QCon empowers software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the developer community. A practitioner-driven conference, QCon is designed for technical team leads, architects, engineering directors, and project managers who influence innovation in their teams.”

  • When: June 26-28, 2017
  • Where: New York, NY, USA
QCon New York 201798

DWX Developer Week 201799
“The DWX – Developer Week will bring the fields of .NET, Mobile and Web development, soft skills, makers and Internet of Things under one roof in Nuremberg. The participants will get to see 200 experts in the field, some 250 lectures and practice their craft during the workshop day.”

  • When: June 26-29, 2017
  • Where: Nuremberg, Germany
DWX Developer Week 2017100

O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference101
“Underneath all the AI hype, real breakthroughs are happening—and obstacles to applied AI are being overcome—allowing AI developers to create software that doesn’t just do what it’s told, but has the ability to anticipate the needs of its users through a combination of pattern recognition, knowledge, planning, and reasoning. That’s why we’ve created the O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference, bringing the growing AI community together to explore the most essential and intriguing topics in intelligence engineering and applied AI.”

  • When: June 26-29, 2017
  • Where: New York, NY, USA
O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference102

Learn X Design103
“This conference brings together researchers and practitioners from a wide variety of higher education design settings with the intention of connecting emergent models and ideas around the digital, with the scholarship of teaching and learning.”

  • When: June 27-30, 2017
  • Where: London, UK
Learn X Design104

UXLausanne 2017105
“Improve and develop your skills, attending a human-sized conference, blending together creativity and pragmatism. Share moments and ideas with the UX community, as well as connecting and amplifying your network and its impact. Meet innovators and people sharing your interests from all across Switzerland and Europe, discuss your projects and get a whiff of the new trends.”

  • When: June 29-30, 2017
  • Where: Lausanne, Switzerland
UXLausanne 2017106

Dutch PHP Conference 2017107
“The target audience for this conference are PHP and Mobile Web Developers of all levels, software architects, and even managers. Beginners will find many talks aimed at helping them become better developers, while more experienced developers will come away inspired to do even better and with knowledge about the latest tools and methodologies.”

  • When: June 29- July 1, 2017
  • Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dutch PHP Conference 2017108

Patterns Day109
“Patterns Day will have something for everyone: designers, developers, content strategists, product owners, project managers … we all face the challenges of creating and maintaining robust design systems. Spend a day in Brighton in the company of your peers, learning all about modular design and development processes, illustrated with case studies of all shapes and sizes.”

  • When: June 30, 2017
  • Where: Brighton, UK
Patterns Day110

UI5con@SAP 2017111
“Non-profit community conference on OpenUI5/SAPUI5 web development – hosted at SAP labs.”

  • When: June 30, 2017
  • Where: St. Leon-Rot, Germany
UI5con@SAP 2017112

July 2017

The Creativity Workshop in Prague113
“The Creativity Workshop in Prague will help you become more creative in your personal and professional life; the creativity training we provide uses the tools of creative writing, memoir, art, photography, storytelling, mapmaking, and guided visualization.”

  • When: July 1-5, 2017
  • Where: Prague, Czech Republic
The Creativity Workshop in Prague114

The Creativity Workshop in Dublin115
“The Creativity Workshop in Dublin will help you become more creative in your personal and professional life; the creativity training we provide uses the tools of creative writing, memoir, art, photography, storytelling, mapmaking, and guided visualization.”

  • When: July 12-16, 2017
  • Where: Dublin, Ireland
The Creativity Workshop in Dublin116

AngularCamp 2017117
“AngularCamp is a collaborative community event for all people which are interested in coming together to share their recent work in a collaborative manner. At the beginning of the event, participants propose ideas for talks, workshops, and demos that are then curated and put into sessions.”

  • When: July 6-7, 2017
  • Where: Barcelona, Spain
AngularCamp 2017118

EuroPython 2017119
“EuroPython was the first major Python programming language community conference ever organized by volunteers. It started 2002 in Charleroi, Belgium, which attracted over 200 attendees. It now is the largest European Python conference with around 1200+ participants every year, the second largest Python conference worldwide and a meeting reference for all European programmers, students, and companies interested in the Python programming language.”

  • When: July 9-16, 2017
  • Where: Rimini, Italy
EuroPython 2017120

Chain React 2017121
“A two day, one-track React Native conference hosted in Portland, Oregon. Chain React: The React Native Conference will consist of multiple talks on React Native given by mobile software engineers at Facebook, AirBnB, and others, on a variety of topics from beginner to expert level. We’re expecting a few hundred attendees and are working hard to put on a great conference.”

  • When: July 10-11, 2017
  • Where: Portland, OR, USA
Chain React 2017122

IWMW 2017123
“IWMW, the Institutional Web Management Workshop, is the premier event for the UK’s higher educational web management community. The annual 3-day event provides opportunities for those with responsibilities for managing institutional web services and related digital channels to learn from case studies, hear about innovative approaches and share and discuss challenges in managing institutional web services.”

  • When: July 11-13, 2017
  • Where: Canterbury, UK
IWMW 2017124

Digital Summit Portland125
“Digital Summit fills your brain and professional toolkit with thought leadership and practical solutions designed to supercharge your customer strategies. Sessions and topics featured at Digital Summit include: Content, Search and SEO, Email, Mobile and Video, UX and Design Social and Strategy.”

  • When: July 12-13, 2017
  • Where: Portland, OR, USA
Digital Summit Portland126

“Tired of the usual web technology conference scene? Want a more inclusive experience that lets you get to know your fellow attendees and make connections? Well, CoderCruise was designed to be just this. It’s a polyglot developer conference on a cruise ship! This will be a 7-day cruise out of the port of New Orleans that will include 3 days of conference (while at sea) and 3 days at the ports of Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.”

  • When: July 16-23, 2017
  • Where: New Orleans, LA, USA

The Design & Content Conference 2017129
“Designers and content strategists team up. Hear from industry leaders about crafting experiences and telling stories that shape the future of the web. A day of workshops, two days of talks, and thoughtful extras in one of the most beautiful cities, Vancouver, BC, Canada.”

  • When: July 17-19, 2017
  • Where: Vancouver, Canada
The Design & Content Conference 2017130

The Creativity Workshop in Reykjavik131
“Non-profit community conference on OpenUI5/SAPUI5 web development – hosted at SAP labs.”

  • When: July 21-25, 2017
  • Where: Reykjavik, Iceland
The Creativity Workshop in Reykjavik132

August 2017

That Conference 2017133
“That Conference is your “Summer Camp for Geeks”. Held at the Kalahari Resort in the beautiful Wisconsin Dells, it’s your last chance to get away before summer slips away. Spend three days with a thousand of your fellow campers and their families, geeking out on everything from writing some epic code to making paper airplanes.”

  • When: August 7-9, 2017
  • Where: Wisconsin Dells, WI, USA
That Conference 2017134

The Creativity Workshop in New York135
“The Creativity Workshop in New York City will help you become more creative in your personal and professional life. We use many techniques in creative writing, memoir, art, photography, storytelling, mapmaking, and guided visualization to accomplish this.”

  • When: August 11-14, 2017
  • Where: New York, NY, USA
The Creativity Workshop in New York136

NDC Sydney 2017137
“NDC Sydney 2017 is set to happen 14-18 August at Hilton Sydney. The conference will have the same format as its European sisters NDC Oslo and NDC London with 2 days of workshops and 3 days of conference sessions.”

  • When: August 14-18, 2017
  • Where: Sydney, Australia
NDC Sydney 2017138

UX & Digital Design Week 2017139
“During a whole week you’ll immerse yourself into London’s technology industry exploring hottest trends and latest inventions. You’ll get firsthand knowledge about modern digital product and service design with lectures and workshops from world’s best design studios and product companies.”

  • When: August 14-20, 2017
  • Where: London, UK
UX & Digital Design Week 2017140

Material Conference 2017141
“This conference explores the concept of the Web as a material and examines its affordances and capabilities from various angles. Looking back at 25 years of Web history, we trace its original field of application and evaluate the – sometimes more, sometimes less – intentional progress it has made so far. How can we teach the next generation what it meant to live in an offline world? Are we ourselves in the process of unlearning our ancestors’ knowledge about crafts and materials? How does this apply to our experience with the ever fast evolving Web, its tools and technologies?”

  • When: August 17, 2017
  • Where: Reykjavik, Iceland
Material Conference 2017142

“TypeCon is an annual conference presented by the non-profit Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA), an international organization dedicated to the promotion, study, and support of typography and related arts.Since the inaugural conference in 1998, TypeCon has explored type for the screen, printing history, Dutch design, type in motion, Arabic calligraphy, the American Arts and Crafts movement, experimental typography, webfonts, and much more. Special events include the Type & Design Education Forum, and an exhibition of international type and design.”

  • When: August 23-27, 2017
  • Where: Boston, MA, USA

Web Summer Camp 2017145
“Spend the last days of summer immersed in hands-on & engaging web-related workshops. Hands-on web development and engaging web design workshops give you practical experience and broaden your knowledge.”

  • When: August 30 – September 2, 2017
  • Where: Rovinj, Croatia
Web Summer Camp 2017146

September 2017

droidcon Berlin 2017147
“droidcon is a global developer conference series and a network focusing on the best of Android. The idea behind droidcon is to support the Android platform and create a strong network for developers and companies. droidcon Berlin 2017 will again consist of a barcamp and two conference days.”

  • When: September 3-5, 2017
  • Where: Berlin, Germany
droidcon Berlin 2017148

The Conference 2017149
“During two days we explore complexity and trends in the digital world. We invite speakers from all over the world representing a wide range of disciplines. The sessions are carefully curated to help you connect the dots between the widespread topics. Think of it like your favorite arts museum.”

  • When: September 4-5, 2017
  • Where: Malmo, Sweden
The Conference 2017150

Reasons to: 2017151
“Today’s digital creatives are multi-disciplined, they draw their inspiration to do great work from many different influences. Reasons to: is curated with that in mind, bringing content from many disciplines to give designers, coders, creatives, filmmakers, animators, installation builders, illustrators, artists and more the opportunity to see and hear new perspectives and the best content in the world.”

  • When: September 4-6, 2017
  • Where: Brighton, UK
Reasons to: 2017152

ColdFront Conference 2017153
“ColdFront is the front-end conference in Copenhagen. A two day and single track conference with 12 talks by internationally renowned speakers, 2 panel debates, amazing food and networking with industry leaders. Our focus is on the web, and where front-end world is headed. So sit tight, and get ready to be inspired.”

  • When: September 5-6, 2017
  • Where: Copenhagen, DK
ColdFront Conference 2017154

Pacific Northwest PHP 2017155
“The Pacific Northwest PHP Conference is a 3-day event in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States for PHP and Web developers. Our past conferences have included world-renown speakers from the PHP community, about a wide range of topics — from APIs and CMS to unit testing and version control.”

  • When: September 7-9, 2017
  • Where: Seattle, WA, USA
Pacific Northwest PHP 2017156

ReactNext 2017157
“We are thrilled to present the 2017 edition of ReactNext – a one-day community-driven event packed with advanced lectures by internationally renowned speakers, and networking opportunities with over 800 attendees from all around the world, that share a passion for React, held in the center of the vibrant city of Tel Aviv. ReactNext targets both beginner and experienced devs in two parallel tracks with sessions about React, React Native, Redux, MobX, and everything about the ecosystem.”

  • When: September 10, 2017
  • Where: Tel Aviv, Israel
ReactNext 2017158

UX Salon Squares 2017159
“Squares 2017 is an event for Creative & Digital Design professionals. If you’re passionate about getting the pixels perfect and in love with the creative process, this conference is for you.”

  • When: September 10-11, 2017
  • Where: Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
UX Salon Squares 2017160

Press for Word 2017161
“The largest WordPress conference of its kind in Israel, organized by the Press for Word and will take place on September 13th 2017 at Lago events complex in Rishon LeZion, Israel. A full day complete with two lecture areas – in which you can listen and learn to the leading WordPress experts in Israel, get to know the innovations in the industry, participate in panels and learning groups and network with hundreds of that live and breathe WordPress.”

  • When: September 13, 2017
  • Where: Rishon LeZion, Israel
Press for Word 2017162

INDUSTRY: The Product Conference (2017)163
“Increasingly, organizations are looking at how modern tech startups are using new processes and methods to ship disruptive products. At INDUSTRY, you’ll be exposed to many of these in four progressive tracks, Ideation, Design, Development and Growth, delivered over two challenging days.”

  • When: September 14-15, 2017
  • Where: Cleveland, OH, USA
INDUSTRY: The Product Conference (2017)164

JSConf Budapest 2017165
“We are inviting the JavaScript community to submit talks for the upcoming JSConf Budapest. All talks will be streamed, recorded and published on the internet for free, along with a recording of the slide deck, live-demo or other on-presenter-screen activity. We do this for the benefit of the larger JS community and those who can’t make it to the conference. ”

  • When: September 14-15, 2017
  • Where: Budapest, Hungary
JSConf Budapest 2017166

Form Function & Class 8167
“Get ready for another jam-packed day of learning the latest, most important ideas in digital design & front-end, delivered to you by industry leaders in the Philippines, Asia, and the rest of the world. The name of our conference alludes to the 3 elements of a website: form from HTML, function() from JavaScript, .class from CSS. It also refers to 3 concepts central to the craft: form, function, and continuous learning.”

  • When: September 16, 2017
  • Where: Taguig, Philippines
Form Function & Class 8168

Fluxible 2017169
“A week-long celebration of user experience. Get to know top speakers from around the world at this “cheeky, ironic, playful” single-track conference. Delicious food, onsite baristas, and live music too! Learn new skills through hands-on deep dives with expert instructors. Choose from half-day workshops on important UX topics in the morning and afternoon.”

  • When: September 18-24, 2017
  • Where: Waterloo, Canada
Fluxible 2017170

Generate London 2017171
“Generate conferences are a source of inspiration, education and networking opportunities. Our shows are packed with top advice from world-class speakers.”

  • When: September 20-22, 2017
  • Where: London, UK
Generate London 2017172

“CONNECT.TECH is the Southeast’s premier annual conference dedicated to JavaScript, Web and Mobile related technologies, tools, and frameworks. CONNECT.TECH will feature presentations and workshops from global technology and thought leaders as well as local community speakers. The 2016 event had 800 people and we are planning for 1000 total people for 2017.”

  • When: September 20-22, 2017
  • Where: Atlanta, GA, USA

Berlin Expert Days 2017175
“We are an open organization and hosting annual technology conference BED-Con in Berlin. Our goal is to connect people.”

  • When: September 21-22, 2017
  • Where: Berlin, Germany
Berlin Expert Days 2017176

Camp Press177
“Camp Press is an unplugged community event for dreamers, creators, builders, and geeks.
It’s a participatory community event devoid of technology and constant online connection. It’s a place to create genuine long-lasting relations with and learn from top technologists and web creators of all types.”

  • When: September 22-24, 2017
  • Where: Seminole, FL, USA
Camp Press178

Strange Loop 2017179
“Strange Loop is a multi-disciplinary conference that brings together the developers and thinkers building tomorrow’s technology in fields such as emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, security, and the web.”

  • When: September 28-30, 2017
  • Where: St. Louis, MO, USA
Strange Loop 2017180

EuroIA 2017181
“The EuroIA summit is Europe’s leading Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience (UX) conference. It is a unique event that brings together veteran Information Architects, experts from diverse fields practicing IA, and newcomers to the practice of IA and UX design. It showcases best practices and real-world results, along with the methods used to get there.”

  • When: September 28-30, 2017
  • Where: Stockholm, Sweden
EuroIA 2017182

October 2017

GOTO Copenhagen 2017183
“GOTO Copenhagen 2016 is the meeting place for software innovators and thought leaders from startups and enterprises, and GOTO Copenhagen gives you the opportunity to talk with people across all different disciplines of software development! We decided to expand GOTO Copenhagen 2017 to three conference days with a total of 11 tracks and afterwards two days of in-depth workshops.”

  • When: October 1-5, 2017
  • Where: Copenhagen, Denmark
GOTO Copenhagen 2017184

MobileEra 2017185
“Mobile Era is Norway’s and Nordics’ first and largest conference for mobile developers. It will be held October 5-6 in Oslo and will feature speakers from all over the world talking about Android, iOS and cross-platform technologies. 2 days, 3 tracks and an awesome conference party.”

  • When: October 5-6, 2017
  • Where: Oslo, Norway
MobileEra 2017186

UX World Tour – Bengaluru / India187
“WUC World Tour 2017 – A power team of seven internationally established UX experts will deliver usability skills and knowledge.
Why? – You will hear and feel how the human factors integrate with culture. These are the roots for good UX design. This is your opportunity to network with us in your home.We talk about Usability, User Experience (UX) & Customer Experience Management (CX).”

  • When: October 6, 2017
  • Where: Bangalore, India
UX World Tour - Bengaluru / India 188

UX World Tour – Dubai189
“WUC World Tour 2017 – A power team of seven internationally established UX experts will deliver usability skills and knowledge.
Why? – You will hear and feel how the human factors integrate with culture. These are the roots for good UX design. This is your opportunity to network with us in your home.We talk about Usability, User Experience (UX) & Customer Experience Management (CX).”

  • When: October 8, 2017
  • Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
UX World Tour - Bengaluru / India 190

HighEdWeb 2017 191
“The HighEdWeb Annual Conference is the conference created by and for higher education Web professionals. It offers four days of high-quality presentations, internationally-recognized keynote speakers and outstanding networking events – all at an affordable rate. From web developers, marketers and programmers to managers, designers, writers and all team members in between, HighEdWeb provides valuable professional development for all who want to explore the unique Web issues facing colleges and universities.”

  • When: October 8-11, 2017
  • Where: Hartford, CT, USA
HighEdWeb 2017 192

CSS Dev Conf 2017193
“CSS Dev Conf is the place to learn new techniques, whether you need to improve everyday workflow or learn the cutting-edge specifications landing in browser nightly builds. Curated Keynote Speakers, Featured Presenters, and Workshop Leaders are chosen from among the brightest minds and seasoned experts working in CSS today.”

  • When: October 9-11, 2017
  • Where: New Orleans, LA, USA
CSS Dev Conf 2017194

Web Developer Conference 2017195
“The powerful open source frameworks Angular & React are the subject of the WDC – Web Developer Conference 2017, presented by the specialist magazines web & mobile developer and dotnetpro. In the one-day conference and full-day workshops, selected experts will provide the technical and technical know-how to optimize the performance, quality and maintainability of your applications.”

  • When: October 10-11, 2017
  • Where: Munich, Germany
Web Developer Conference 2017196

Mirror Conf 2017197
“Mirror Conf is a conference designed to empower designers and front-end developers who have a thirst for knowledge and want to broaden their horizons. It aims to create the perfect set to blur the differences between these two worlds and point towards a more collaborative future.”

  • When: October 10-13, 2017
  • Where: Braga, Portugal
Mirror Conf 2017198

World Usability Congress 17199
“THE CONGRESS \ It is its application-oriented, economic and holistic approach that makes the World Usability Congress one of a kind on a global scale. We talk about Usability, User Experience (UX) & Customer Experience Management (CX).”

  • When: October 11-12, 2017
  • Where: Graz, Austria
World Usability Congress 17200

The Codemotion Berlin 2017201
“Codemotion Berlin provides a platform for international developers, engineers and coders in order to exchange ideas, raise awareness for new projects/topics, generally speaking to share the enthusiasm about all facets of coding. It offers a unique opportunity to all visitors to gather new inspirations, energy and knowledge in combination with the chance to network and chat with fellow visitors passionate about coding. Codemotion Berlin is open to all languages and technologies. We want to bring together interested developers who’d like to think outside the box and understand the intersections in technology and programming.”

  • When: October 12-13, 2017
  • Where: Berlin, Germany
The Codemotion Berlin 2017202

Desert Code Camp October 2017203
“Code Conferences are about the developer community at large. They are meant to be a place for developers to come and learn from their peers. Topics are always based on community interest and never determined by anyone other than the community.”

  • When: October 14, 2017
  • Where: Chandler, AZ, USA
Desert Code Camp October 2017204

Agilia Budapest Conference 2017205
“Hungarian conference about applied agile methodologies – Role of Product Owner and Product Management in Agile: Employment of agile and other techniques in product development and why they are important – creating vision, designing product, managing teams, role of Product Owner, engagement of customers and users, creativity and management of innovations. Use cases.”

  • When: October 16-18, 2017
  • Where: Budapest, Hungary
Agilia Budapest Conference 2017206

Adobe MAX 2017207
“Come to MAX to rejuvenate your work, your process, and your own creative journey. MAX is the perfect blend of information and inspiration, practical knowledge and creative magic. Take your creativity to the next level. Discover new techniques and boost your career in more than 300 sessions in 5 tracks.”

  • When: October 16-20, 2017
  • Where: Las Vegas, NV, USA
Adobe MAX 2017208

SmashingConf Barcelona 2017209
“With a lineup of 15 brilliant speakers and the best scenarios to offer you a valuable and unforgettable 1 track, 2 full conference days and 7 workshops. Our mission is to explore real-life web design problems and techniques that are relevant and applicable to your work straight away. Join us for a few special days of friendly conversation, learning and new ideas — we’d love to see you there!”

  • When: October 17-18, 2017
  • Where: Barcelona, Spain
SmashingConf Barcelona 2017210

Amuse UX Conference 2017211
“Amuse is probably the biggest UX event in the region with 500+ attendees. It’s two days of inspiration with speakers like Vitaly Friedman, Val Head, Stephen Anderson, Eva-Lotta Lamm, Denise Jacobs, and more. Amuse is an international conference for anyone interested in how to design and develop successful products that users love. ”

  • When: October 18-20, 2017
  • Where: Budapest, Hungary
Amuse UX Conference 2017212

#fstoco 2017213
“#fstoco is the conference for people who build the web, covering all layers; front-end, back-end, ux, and more. What we cover: Client Side and Server Side Code & Architecture, IoT, Team Skills, and New Tech and User Experience.”

  • When: October 23-24, 2017
  • Where: Toronto, Canada
#fstoco 2017214

International JavaScript Conference215
“JavaScript is everywhere: today, not only web developers, but virtually every business trusts in the power of high-level frameworks like Angular, React, and NodeJS. At the International JavaScript Conference you will meet internationally known JavaScript experts who share their knowledge in vanilla JavaScript as well as the most important JS frameworks.”

  • When: October 23-27, 2017
  • Where: Munich, Germany
International JavaScript Conference216

International PHP Conference 2017217
“The International PHP Conference is the world’s first PHP conference and stands since more than a decade for top-notch pragmatic expertise in PHP and web technologies. Internationally renowned experts from the PHP industry meet up with PHP users and developers from large and small companies.”

  • When: October 23-27, 2017
  • Where: Munich, Germany
International PHP Conference 2017218

Canvas Conference 2017219
“Canvas is a one-day event of practical talks for people who design, make and market digital products and experiences. Beyond the trends and theory, you’ll hear stories from the people at the forefront of the world’s most interesting products. There’s no high level overviews or brand evangelists here, we provide actionable insights from people doing the hard work in the world of digital products.”

  • When: October 26, 2017
  • Where: Birmingham, UK
Canvas Conference 2017220

Revolve Conference 2017221
“Revolve Conference is where design and creativity meets marketing and strategy. If you’re building a business, brand, product or service – this event is for you! It’s an opportunity to learn from platform-changing thinkers and disruptive innovators through practical sessions based on the challenges you face today.”

  • When: October 26-27, 2017
  • Where: Charleston, SC, USA
Revolve Conference 2017222

More Links To Keep Up

Here are a few links to help you keep up with newly scheduled design and development conferences. The events are shared through Lanyrd and have been sorted by category.

Where Are You Going?

If you’re planning to attend any of these events, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. What are you most excited about? What are you looking forward to learning and experiencing?

By the way, the Smashing team is constantly organizing a series of workshops231, as well as the Smashing Conferences232 — it would be wonderful and a great honor to meet you personally someday!

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Jan Constantin loves to spend time writing for Smashing Magazine and devouring science-related articles.

  1. 1

    You guys forgot ng-conf, the angular conference. They are sold out, but they have a waiting list and I can confirm I got a ticket after joining the waiting list.

    • 2

      Markus Seyfferth

      January 5, 2017 11:10 am

      Updated that, thanks for mentioning it!

      • 3

        Do you update this page? We do the Axure workshops and there are more than what’s listed here. Is there someone I can contact about providing more info (plus staying in touch for our late 2017 and future workshops)? Thanks, Debbie from Ptype

        • 4

          Markus Seyfferth

          January 8, 2017 8:32 am

          Feel free to contact me via markus.seyfferth [at], but honestly, we don’t list any workshops here — not even our own workshops.

          This is a conference-only list and for the sake of usability, we would like to keep it that way. Cheers! :-)

  2. 5

    There’s a pretty great event coming up in May that might be worth adding to this list. It’s all about moving beyond inspiration and immersing yourself in master-grade workshops on groundbreaking interaction design skills.

  3. 6

    Hi. Thanks for listing our Axure prototyping workshops. We actually hold many each year, not just Feb in Vegas. How can I submit all of these so that they’re all on this page and not just one that’s about to pass? Thanks.

  4. 7

    Thanks for compiling this list! Now it’s time to convince my boss I need to go to more than one.

    Also, you have a couple of Chicago conferences listed as Chicago, Michigan, rather than Chicago, Illinois.

  5. 9

    @Jan – Thank you for listing our conference UX+DEV SUMMIT event! Possible to update our banner? LMK

  6. 10

    You should add EmbraceUX to your list – a Canadian UX conference in it’s 3rd year. Both previous years have been great!

  7. 11

    Edit: DrupalCon Baltimore 2017 – it’s in MD (Maryland), not MA (Massachusetts).

  8. 12

    FYSA – There are 65 cities across 29 countries who are hosting World Information Architecture Day on February 18, 2017 this year. The location list is located at, which links to other city location web pages for agendas and speakers.

  9. 13

    Copenhagen has a pretty awesome UX event coming up on March 7-8 too:

  10. 14

    Jason Nickerson

    January 19, 2017 12:51 am

    Thank you for the listing! Joomla!

  11. 15

    Jason Nickerson

    January 19, 2017 6:58 pm

    JoomlaDay Houston is Feburary 11, 2017

  12. 16

    Matej Balantic

    January 25, 2017 1:16 am

    Thanks for a great article. It would be great if you add the App Design & Development Conference in Barcelona that’s happening on 22.-23. June 2017 to the list as well.

  13. 17

    A lot of event happening, but don’t have enough time to join.
    My favorite conferences are:
    – Digital Thinkers Conf
    – Developer Week

    In my city:

  14. 18

    Hey guys,

    You missed the biggest digital design conference in Denmark, Design Matters:
    It is in Copenhagen — September 27–28 2017, and so far Instagram, Uber, Spotify, IBM Design and Zendesk are invited to talk about design. The theme is always ‘New movements in Digital design’, but this year is focuses on ‘Failing’, ‘Invisible UI’ and ‘Designing for Diversity (Accessibility).
    At Design Matters they bring together design practitioners from around the world for 2 days of design talks, workshops, discussions and socializing in Copenhagen.
    Meet designers from the most exciting companies, who are working with apps, websites and physical products. They will share their firsthand experiences and personal stories about working with designing experiences that connects, engages and inspires the users. Also, they will enlighten everybody on how they are changing the way users and digital products interact.

  15. 19

    Johan Berndtsson

    February 1, 2017 2:16 pm

    Hi Jan!

    Thank’s for an excellent list! Inspiring! Just noted that From Business to Buttons is listed on March 27, while it actually takes place on April 27.



  16. 20

    Sergei Golubev

    March 12, 2017 12:19 am

    Hi Jan, School of UX is organising The UX Conference in London on June 13th for designers and developers to understand UX design and each other better:

    It’s going to be a really interesting day full of practical UX design talks & hands-on workshops: from creating chatbots, designing a style guide and running card sorting to managing UX teams, creating experience maps and rapid prototyping.

    All suitable for junior and mid-weight designers & developers.

    I’m sure it will be a great addition to your list.

  17. 21

    In May there is 2 days conference UXintheCity in Manchester.

  18. 22

    Leslie Labrecque

    May 1, 2017 9:58 pm

    The National Association of Government Web Professionals conference is in San Diego in September. Not as big as the others but perfect for government folks. Thanks!

  19. 23

    Erol Uenala

    May 2, 2017 7:45 am

    Also worthwhile to mention:
    Frontend Conference Zurich
    31. Aug – 1. Sept. 2017

  20. 24

    Andrea Tondo

    May 2, 2017 10:14 am

    Great work guys, awesome list.
    I just want to let you know there is a mistake in the abstract of “Material Conference 2017” August 17, 2017 – Reykjavik, Iceland
    You repeated here the abstract from the “UX & Digital Design Week 2017”

  21. 25
  22. 26

    Hey guys noone is excited about its first World Wide Event ?!


  23. 27

    Thierry CROIX

    May 9, 2017 12:38 pm

    If I may, you forgot one of the biggest conference in France : The Web2Day

    7, 8, 9 JUNE 2017

    But thanks for all the infos. You’re one of the best blog ever, so keep going! :D

  24. 28

    Farai Madzima

    May 19, 2017 3:21 pm


    Our first front-end conference in Johannesburg, South Africa is worth checking out this September:

  25. 29

    Hello Jan! Please change the information about pitercss conf. This event will be in Saint Petersburg, Russia (not USA).

    More information for you —>

    pitercss_conf is a full-day international front-end conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia. For the very first time we bring the best world experts, developers, web designers, and many more with an affinity for CSS together in a unique city.

    Tickets and lineup are available now at If you have any questions please contact

    And thank you for update :)


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