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Welcome To The Smashing Graphics Section!

To say the role of image editors in Web design has changed would be a massive understatement. In just two short years, we’ve seen our beloved Adobe apps (and similar) go from indisputable workhorses to seeming afterthoughts. When I authored Photoshop Etiquette1, I figured it’d be a timeless resource. Nowadays it’s almost taboo to admit you still rock Photoshop in your workflow.

That’s exactly why I love the challenge of being Smashing Magazine’s editor for this section.

You’ll still see tons of magicians making our lives easier with scripts, actions, and plugins. We need those, and Smashing Magazine has been a great platform for showcasing sanity-saving add-ons, and will continue to be. Timely Illustrator tutorials and indispensable freebie icon sets have bailed this guy out a time or two, and I suspect the same for you.

Yet what I’m most looking forward to most is highlighting those craftsmen and craftswomen who are uncovering unconventional methods and refining Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and more. There’s always going to be people who can design circles around everyone else with “sexy pixels”, and that’s great. But at the end of the day, we have to figure out how to solve real problems with our tools. That’s why I’m more excited to help give those of us solving Responsive process issues in Sketch or nailing high-density workflows in Photoshop a platform to help others.

Because that’s what this site is at its core: a place to help each other grow and excel. Over the years, I’ve visited Smashing daily in hopes of gleaning one new tidbit I could use in my workflow. I’ve downloaded more Photoshop resources from @SmashingMag2 tweets and newsletters than I’d care to admit. But if you ask me what’s impacted my career more, it’s been those incredible ideas from folks like Tom Giannattasio like “In Defense of Photoshop3” or “I Draw Pictures All Day4” by Alma Hoffmann. I’m confident this section will have increasingly more thoughtful pieces, the sooner the better.

So, welcome to the Graphics section. Come for the monthly wallpapers, stay for the ideas.

Introducing Dan Rose

Introducing Dan Rose5

“I don’t think I bring value as editor of this section just because I use my keyboard in Photoshop just as much as my mouse. I think I bring value as editor here because I’m empathetic to the struggles of being an Interface Designer, since that’s my full-time role at WSOL in Chicago, IL.

“Beyond Photoshop Etiquette, I try to immerse myself in the Web design community whenever possible. I speak frequently about Responsive workflow at conferences, craft tutorials and courses, and write. I’ve even pioneered an initiative in my city of Syracuse, NY called Syracuse Sync. I dig how, unlike most industries, we’ve essentially “open-sourced” our expertise.

If sharing how I’ve solved a problem somehow helps you solve a similar one, or gets you at least thinking differently about your approach, I’ve granted you the same courtesy others have for me.”

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Dan and let us know what you think of the forthcoming articles on the Smashing Graphics section. We look very much forward to your feedback, folks! And make sure to follow Dan Rose on Twitter6, too.


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