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Nadieh Bremer

Nadieh Bremer will run a workshop on

Creative Data Visualization Techniques

Full-day workshop • June 28th

With so many tools available to visualize your data, it’s easy to get stuck in thinking about chart types, always just going for that bar or line chart, without truly thinking about effectiveness. In this workshop, Nadieh will teach you how you can take a more creative and practical approach to the design of data visualization.

Broaden your horizon on what is possible beyond the basic set of charts. Learn how to stop thinking about the limitations of tools and design visuals that will effectively convey the insights of your data while also being unique and appealing to the eye. This workshop will stretch your visualization muscle. It will also help you get more confident and open to try and be creative within the tools that you are using.

Data visualization is everywhere these days. Online magazines, applications and admin interfaces have truly embraced them and you can’t walk around in an office anymore with seeing at least a couple of charts and graphs on somebody’s screen. And that’s a good thing, as visual beings we are so much better at understanding and seeing patterns and trends if the data is visualized. However, with so many tools available to quickly visualize your data, it becomes easy to “get stuck” in thinking about chart types, always just going for that bar or line chart, without truly thinking about effectiveness.

What you’ll learn:

  • What are the steps in the data visualization process,
  • How to come up with ideas and concepts to visualize,
  • Your horizon will broaden on the types of charts that are out there in the wild,
  • How to apply a more creative approach to making memorable yet functional and user-friendly data visualizations,
  • How to think of approaches to go beyond the default even within the environment of a tool,
  • How to design with code and connect your design decisions with meaningful data early on.

What prerequisites skills do you need?

Some basic understanding of creating data visualisations. Nadieh won’t teach some app-specific skill (e.g. Tableau, CartoDB, or d3.js). Rather, we’ll focus on how to make data visualization look more appealing and engaging.

What hardware/software do you need?

A laptop is not necessary to follow the workshop but can be useful at times.

Time & Location

This workshop will be running from 9:30am to 5:30pm on Thursday, June 28th, at Ivey Tangerine Leadership Centre, 130 King St W, Toronto.

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Ivey Tangerine Leadership Centre 130 King St W Toronto, ON M5X 1K6 Canada
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  • Doors, open, Registration
  • Introduction & Kick-off
  • Coffee break
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Session
  • Coffee break
  • The end, networking
Workshop includes:
  • Lunch and Snacks
  • Coffee, tea
  • Paper and pen