The Inconvenient Truth About SEO


Do you own a website? Do you want to be number one on Google? Whatever you do, don’t spend money on aggressive search engine optimization (SEO). I know that sounds like an extreme position to take. However, a lot of website owners see search engine optimization as the answer to their search ranking woes, when things are considerably more complex.

The inconvenient truth is that the best person to improve your ranking is you. Unfortunately, that is going to take time and commitment on your part. The answer doesn’t lie in hiring a SEO company to boost your website ranking for Google. The problem starts with the term “search engine optimization” and the misconceptions surrounding it.

What SEO Isn’t

Most website owners perceive SEO as a dark art, shrouded in mystery. They have heard phrases like “gateway pages” and “keyword density” or have been bamboozled by technobabble about the way websites should be built. All of this has left them feeling that SEO is the purview of experts. This is a misconception reinforced by certain segments of the SEO community.

The problem is that these kinds of complex techniques do work, to a point. It is possible to improve placement through a manipulation of the system. However, although it can have short term benefits, it will not last without continual investment. This is because the objective is wrong. SEO shouldn’t be about getting to the top of Google for particular phrases. In fact, we shouldn’t be optimizing for search engines at all. We should be optimizing for people. After all, that is what Google is trying to do.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Optimizing For Search Engines

Google’s aim is simple: connect its searchers with the most relevant content. If you are more worried about a good ranking than providing relevant content, then you are going to be fighting a losing battle.

If you hire a SEO company to improve your placement and you measure their worth on the basis of how high they get you in the rankings, then you are out of line with what Google is trying to achieve. Your primary objective should be better content, not higher rankings.

Original, valuable content.1
Image credit: Search Engine People Blog2.

The SEO company can use every trick in the book to get you better rankings, but over the long term they will lose, because Google is constantly changing how it rates websites so it can provide more accurate results.

Remember, you shouldn’t be optimizing for ranking in search engines, you should be optimizing for users.

A Better Way

Google does not make a secret of how to gain a high ranking. It states clearly in its webmaster guidelines3:

“Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.”

So how do you actually do that? Again Google provides the answer:

“Create a useful, information-rich website, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content.”

In short, write useful content. This could include (but is not limited to):

  • Publishing white papers,
  • Writing a blog,
  • Sharing research findings,
  • Producing detailed case studies,
  • Encouraging user-generated content,
  • Creating useful applications or tools,
  • Running a Q&A section,
  • Posting interviews

The list could go on. The key is to produce content people find useful and want to share.

Yes, there are some technical considerations when it comes to search engines. However, any reasonably well-built website will be accessible to Google. You don’t need an expert SEO company for that (at least not if the Web designer does their job right).

As an aside, it is worth noting that if you take accessibility seriously for users with disabilities (such as those with visual impairments), then you will also make a website accessible to Google.

However, setting those technical issues aside, it all comes down to content. If you create great content, people will link to it, and Google will improve your placement. It really is that simple.

The question then becomes, how do you create great content?

The Inconvenient Truth

This is the point where we come to the inconvenient truth. It is hard for an outside contractor to produce the great content that will keep users coming back and encourage them to share. In my experience, this is much better done internally within the organization. The problem is that this doesn’t sit well with most organizations. Its easier to outsource the problem to a SEO company than to tackle an unfamiliar area internally.

Admittedly, a good SEO company will have copywriters on board who can write content for you. However, their knowledge will be limited, as will their ability to really get to know your business. Yes, they can write a few keyword-heavy blog posts that Google will like the look of. However, this won’t fool users, and so the number of links to that content will be low.

The truth is that if you are serious about improving your placement on search engines, it has to be done internally.

This truth is all the more painful, as most organizations are not configured to do this properly.

Organizational Change Required

The more I work with organizations on their digital strategy, the more I realize how few are structured to do business in a digital world. The issue of SEO is an ideal example of the problem.

Responsibility for the website normally lies with the marketing department. Although marketing is well-experienced in producing and writing marketing copy that outlines the products and services the organization provides, they are not best equipped to write content that will be heavily linked to.

It is not surprising that if you search on a term like “call to action4,” the top results are almost exclusively informational articles, rather than companies helping with services in this area.

The problem is that marketeers are experts in the product or service being sold, not necessarily the surrounding subject matter. For example, the marketing department of a company selling healthy meals will know everything about the benefits of their product, but will have a limited knowledge of nutrition. Unfortunately, people are more likely to link to a post on healthy eating tips than they are to link to some marketing copy on a particular health product.

What you really need is the nutritional expert who designed the meal to be posting regularly to a blog, talking about what makes a healthy diet. A blog like this would include lots of linkable content, would be able to build a regular readership and would produce keyword-rich copy.

The problem is that this is not how organizations are set up. It is not the nutritional expert’s job to write blog posts; that responsibility belongs in marketing.

The Long-Term Solution

Ultimately organizations need to change so that online marketing is a more distributed role with everybody taking responsibility for aspects of it. I am not suggesting that the central marketing function has no role in digital, but rather recognizing that they cannot do it alone. Others will need to have some marketing responsibilities as part of their role.

For example a company selling healthy meals should allocate one afternoon each week for their nutritional experts and chefs to share their expertise online. It would become the marketing department’s responsibility to support these bloggers by providing training, editorial support and technical advice.

Unfortunately, these experts are often the most valuable resource within a business, and so their time is incredibly valuable. The idea of “distracting” them from their core role is too much for many companies to swallow.

However, in the short term there is still much that can be done.

A Short-Term Solution

As we wait for companies to wake up and change the way they are organized, there are ways of working within the system.

If you haven’t already, consider hiring an employee dedicated to creating content for your website. You can partially finance it with the money you save by getting rid of your SEO company.

If that is beyond your budget, consider hiring a short-term contractor or a part-time staff member. You could even use an existing member of your staff as long as they have time set aside to prevent the Web being pushed down the priority list. Although this person won’t have the knowledge to write all the content themselves, by being situated inside of the business it will be much easier for them to get access to those within the organization who do.

Arrange meetings with these experts and talk to them about their role. Identify various subjects based on their knowledge and then either record a video interview or write up a blog post based on what they share. Also ask these experts what news sources they read or which people within the industry they follow. Monitor these sources and ask your expert to comment on what is shared. These comments can be turned into posts that add to the wealth of content on your website.

Finally, you may find that the experts within the business are already producing a wealth of content that can act as source material for content that users will find interesting.

For example, our fictional nutritional expert probably already has documentation on the health benefits of certain food types or how certain conditions can be helped through healthy eating. Admittedly this kind of material might be too dry or academic, but with some editing and rewriting it would probably make great online content.

The content you post does not have to be long, it just has to be link-worthy. The key is to share the opinion of your expert and provide content of value to your audience.

As that audience grows, start asking questions. Maybe even get some of your readers to share their experiences or knowledge. Over time you will discover that not only will your readers want to contribute, so will your experts. As they see the value in posting content regularly to the website, they will start blogging themselves. All you will have to do is suggest topics and edit their output.

I know what you are thinking: it just isn’t that simple.

No More Excuses

I realize this is a big cultural shift for many organizations. Marketing teams will feel they are losing control, the person responsible for blogging will feel out of their depth and the experts may resent being asked lots of questions. However, what is the alternative?

For better or worse, Google demands good content in return for high rankings. Pretending that SEO companies can magically find a shortcut that allows you to avoid this tradeoff just isn’t going to cut it.

If you care about how you rank, it is time to take responsibility for your website’s content. Once you overcome the initial hurdle, you will find that producing quality content on an ongoing basis becomes second nature.

Update (17.12.2012)

After a heated discussion in comments to this article, in social channels and via Skype, Paul clarified his position in the article How I See The Role of SEO5 in his blog. We are republishing the article for the sake of making his arguments clear and unambiguous — of course, with Paul’s permission.—Ed.

There seems to be the perception that I want to see an end to the SEO sector. Although I have issues with the name, I do believe they have a role.

Last week I once again6 expressed my concerns about website owner’s obsession with SEO in a post for Smashing Magazine7.

My message can be boiled down to the following points:

  • Website owners are unhealthily obsessed with their rankings on Google.
  • We should be creating primarily for people and not search engines.
  • The best way to improve your ranking is to produce great content that people link to.
  • That great content is better produced in-house, rather than being outsourced to an agency.
  • A good web designer can take you a long way in making your site accessible to search engines.
  • Before you spend money on an SEO company, make sure you have the basics in place first.

An Unfortunate Response

Unfortunately this caused a massive and aggressive reaction in the SEO community. Smashing Magazine was attacked for publishing the post, I was told I was out-of-date and ill informed (which is of course entirely possible), but worst of all there were a shocking number of attacks on me personally.

To be honest this doesn’t entirely surprise me. I have been working with the web long enough to be all too aware of the over reaction it creates in people. However, it is always hurtful when somebody attacks you as a human being, rather than your opinion.

Of course not everybody was like that. I had great conversations with Bill Slawski8 and Joost De Valk9, both of who attempted to put me straight personally and on their blogs. I very much appreciate them taking the time and they have helped to soften my views.

SEO Companies Do Have A Role

I think it is important to stress that I do believe SEO companies have a role. The problem is they are often brought in when there is still much work that could be done internally within the organisation.

To me its about return on investment. Why spend money improving your search engine rankings when you could spend the same money improving rankings and producing more engaging content? Or why not spend money on improving your rankings and building a more accessible website?

There are two exceptions to that general rule of thumb.

Content strategy

First, the SEO industry is changing. They are increasingly helping clients with content and that is great. However, if that is the role they are going to take then they need to stop saying they are about “search engine optimisation.” Creating great content is not primarily an SEO job. They have a branding issue there.

Also, although I am happy for an SEO company to help educate clients about content they shouldn’t be writing copy for them week and week out for them. Take the approach of a content strategist who trains up the client, provides them a strategy and then encourages them to take on the role themselves. Isn’t that better for the client?

Cleaning up after bad web designers

The second exception is where the web designer has built an inaccessible website. As Joost De Valk said in his response to my post10, it falls to the SEO company to clean up the mess.

This is obviously an issue that needs addressing in the web development community and why we need people like Joost speaking at web design conferences.

However, I wouldn’t expect a web developer to provide all of the technical subtleties of an SEO company. That is probably too specialist for most web designers to do.

I don’t doubt that these subtleties are important and do make a difference to rankings. However, once again it is important that we have the basics in place first:

  • Great content.
  • A solidly built website.

Setting The Right Priorities

Hopefully that helps clarify my position slightly. I am not for a minute trying to destroy the SEO sector (as I was accused of repeatedly). What I am trying to do is set priorities straight.

I guess in short it is the phase “search engine optimisation” I have a problem with. It implies we should be accommodating the idiosyncrasies of search engines above the needs of users.

That is something I will never compromise over and I am sure something the vast majority of SEO companies would agree with.



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Paul Boag is the author of Digital Adaptation and a leader in digital strategy with over 20 years experience. Through consultancy, speaking, writing, training and mentoring he passionately promotes digital best practice.

  1. 1

    I am new to the web, I am not wealthy enough to afford some one to make my website. I used, kicking and screaming, wordpress to pull together this site. It may not have the look it could or should, but it is there and I have not had much help answering questions as pressented. I have had to go beyond for the answers. The same thing is happening with SEO. I have no way to pay for someone to tell me what I need to write when my pages are full of tables displaying my product. Tables I have found out that these web crawlers do not look into. So now I need to find answers to get up off the floor. This is where I have found my business. Not listed at all even on the very last page. Help. What do I need to do. EXPLIANE it to me in English, please.

    • 202

      Margaret – if you can’t afford a budget then you do have to do it the hard way. Starting point is MOZ’s Learn SEO. It’s been around a while but still very relevant.

      Next once you have digested that and tried out a few things on your website (cautiously) then get involved with the rest of MOZ excellent blog postings. Pick and choose what’s relevant to your business or you’ll be overwhelmed.

      You give no clue as to what your website is about so I can’t guide you more accurately than that. My guess is that you have some kind of ecommerce setup? If so, then go and watch what MecLabs are doing in their excellent wevbinars – be warned this is heavy duty research based education – it will give you a serious headache for months but their information is astoundingly useful once you have grasped the first steps above. And I would say, before you go and do any of my suggestions read this article again and digest what Paul is getting across. The keywords are critically important and the technicalities are too; but write for the people you want to visit the website and buy your stuff.

      Good luck – it’s a big learning curve.

    • 403

      SEO isn’t a simple task which could be completed over night or it’s not something that a firm or indivisual can promise to hand over to you. But as we are professionally doing SEO for our clients, That is why we are always being updated with Google’s latest algorithm releases. After researching and analyzing a lot, we’ve demonstrate a proven penguin safe best affordable seo method to dominate Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

  2. 604

    Alice Cornelios

    June 19, 2013 7:45 am

    That is well said, but as a blogger I cannot simply wait around fr Google to index my post. There are ways I can implement as my d-y-i seo and not touching the dark matter of seo stuff in the process. Too much of everything is not good, and so with seo. Hence, I can still do seo while waiting for Google to index my post right?

    Alice from

    • 805

      Olav Alexander Mjelde

      July 3, 2013 3:35 pm

      There is a lot of misonception of what SEO is.
      SEO is a lot, it’s not keyword stuffing (this doesent work any more) and it’s not a lot of meta tags that google also does no longer look at (due to abuse). This is what many people think SEO is.

      SEO is making a good website, it is making a website that is easy to crawl. It is also making a website that loads quick (you get penalized for slow pages). And it is creation of content, preferrably each week at least.

      Also links, incoming and outbound, preferrably they should intersect, so they increase in value.

      Then there are a lot more stuff going on, you have sitemaps that include all the pages and posts, you can make sitemaps with geolocation data, you can host sitemaps with the images on your site, etc. These can be fed into the webmaster tools of both Google and Bing/Yahoo.

      Then there are content markups like RDFa, Microdata, you can add metadata from FB too. You can do A LOT. SEO is not keyword stuffing, it is contextual data, the semantic web.

      What is:
      99 33 22 11 99?

      Is it a phone number? Is it a social security number? Or how much money the next iphone costs?

      If you enter the semantic age, you can mark products, organizations, phone numbers, reviews, aggregated reviews. You can even push images to the search results, you can add metadata for recipies and enter in the recipy sarch.

      What is SEO? It is A LOT, it’s not one thing, it’s an idea of a better web, a web that is understandable for both humans and bots. It includes speedoptimalization, metadata, content creation, links, etc. You can compare it to tuning a car.. If you want to go racing with the professionals and you bring your toyta prius, you stand no chance..

      But if you get the top gear team to tune your prius, suddenly you can finish the race and hopefully get a better position.

      SEO is not everything though, content is king. (If you have no content, you will not get a good ranking, unless you have a very narrow subject that you search for).

      Here is a good example of SEO / semantic web:

      You see how some of them feature stars (reviews), and pictures..
      They will get more clicks and a better ranking, because now Google knows that it’s a recipy.. And therefore it will know that it’s more relevant to your recipy search.

      The added benefit of stars and image, also increases the click through rating. But again, without content, there is nothing to add image or stars to…

  3. 1006

    Thanks Paul for making SEO sound so simple to do in your post. Well, that is what most people are looking for especially those who are doing d-i-y. But, with your suggestions mentioned above, is there a specific time frame where I can see tangible results?

    Dave from Ideas In Business

  4. 1207

    THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST SEO ARTICLE I HAVE EVER READ! I’ve seen so many articles and confusing, contradicting information about SEO and SEM etc, but this is clear, to the point and precise. There are some SEO companies out there who are so convincing when selling their lines about how they will get you to the first page of google search results through cracking some Google algorithm, knowing the secret to getting 1st page results. I praise you for this article. Thank you

  5. 1408

    Christopher Parker

    July 22, 2013 7:31 pm

    very good article, i recently created my log and was really not sure how to go about SEOing my blog. now I will do it the long way rather than paying some website ho do it for me

  6. 1609

    You have some valid points in here. I do agree with the content coming from within because the business owner knows there product/service better than anyone else.

    The part of SEO that I think must be done by an SEO company is the load time optimization, w3c validation, title tags, header tags, pixel installation, etc….

    Also, things like info graphics, guest posting etc…


  7. 1810

    After a looong round trip from a web designer to an SEO expert to a joomla coder, searching for someone to “do” our site… I’ve also come to the exact same opinion; internet marketing is simply telling your value story, but at internet scale. And because it is an enduring two-way content medium, marketing departments need to shift the language from one-way copy to genuine conversation.

    And this conversation can’t be outsourced.. For best results!

  8. 2011

    Thanks for a great, informative and easy to read article.
    As a novice in the world of blogs and websites, I have been looking for things I could do to improve my site. I am of the same opinion (i.e. about writing my own content) and as a retired English tutor, do not have a budget for an SEO firm anyway, so it is nice to read that others agree with me. Of course, it is extremely time consuming to write all one’s own stuff – but there you have it, it has to be straight from the horses mouth to be worth reading.

  9. 2413

    If you read the article it makes such sense, anyone that disagrees is probably selling snake-oil off a dusty old cart. SEO is about optimizing your offering’s visibility once the offering is there and all too often people are too busy getting pay-check’s in the door than focusing on their customers. Attack, flame whatever the bottom line is I think Paul has posted the clarifications as some thugs etc have intimidated him, this is disgusting they should be ashamed of themselves and should not hold any professional position while acting like common hooligans.

  10. 2614

    Its a great pleasure to read your post on SEO.Its full of information, professionally written and I feel like the author has extensive knowledge in this subject.

  11. 2815

    A very well written article. I’ve been in the SEO industry for 13 years and at all costs avoid companies that are not transparent about there strategies. There really is nothing to hide! A good firm will put in the hours required to make your campaign successful and focus on quality vs quantity. Focus on delivering quality content to your customer. Make sure it’s content they will want to read and make sure you’re honest with yourself about the goals you’re trying to achieve. You and your SEO firm need to set the right expectations from the very beginning.

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    Great Post. As an SEO I do disagree with parts of your message though. To say that SEO needs to be done entirely in-house is no more valid than saying SEO needs to be done entirely by an outside agency.

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    Thanks for your article which i think was intended for those who own a website ,like me, and want to learn about SEO. It seems like there are experts that want to keep their nest full and resent any education of others that may put a sqyeeze on their pockets.

  18. 4222

    You must be smokin crack.

    You don’t have the first clue and you are buying into Google’s BS.

    Google’s Goal: making seo so complex and seo efforts so ineffective that everyone pays for Google adwords. Sites with great content fall way behind sites with poor content or no content but that have teams of article writers and linkers.

    You need to wake up and smell the BS that Google is shoveling and get your head out of your but before writing articles to convince others of your flawed thinking

    • 4423

      You are right Troy. I have just been searching on various search engines, and the internet is being hijacked, where is all the data? where are all the websites? Why can’t I see them all when I search? Why am I restricted to 26 pages on a search when I should have access to 100’s more.

  19. 4624

    Dear Paul,
    First of I am really thankful that you are guiding people in the right direction !!

    And I always wanted to share the same things you have mentioned above in your blog each and every things is true about SEO, and how it is made a unachievable peak.

    but the truth is anyone can do seo, like me I am doing it on my site.

    you can also visit to it, but you have not shared how to make a content so I would really appreciate if you do so for the people and new online Entrepreneurs

    Prashant Varun

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    I don’t what cop-out and excuses I want truth and not the phony Philosophical answer people give when they mean they don’t like the truth that blocks their goals no matter how big small, important, or trivial. Personal example I went to prison because someone told a lie, 16 years I stayed because I wouldn’t lie and say I was guilty. No one cared about the truth even those officers of the court that knew no crime was committed. I could have got off with 2 or 4 years if I did lie and said i was guilty. That is how much truth is important to me. what happened to us that easy is better than truth!

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    Paul..Thanks for sharing this blog. this blog is very informative for those who wanty to improve their website ranking.

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    Indeed for small companies that drive on the people running it, the website and content should come from them and not from an outside SEO company. Technical articles, advise to customers, news about the market, stories about you and/or the companies ideas. We also try to do those things. Not always easy, but as you say, it’s all about the long term !

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    I never understood how this became such a huge marketing thing for kids getting out of college. Do they really teach all these folks the same marketing crap when its not really needed?

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  34. 8041

    As much as this is a great article, it is very unrealistic. It’s easy for you bloggers who either own or write for blogs that receive hundreds of thousands of views to say “write great content that people will link to”.
    What happens when your entire website receives 17 views a day? And you have 123 friends on Facebook who couldn’t care less whAt your opinion on whatever is. Twitter and LinkedIn the same story.

    Sir, Not enough people read my articles to share or link to them. So what do folks like us do?

    Try looking at things from perspectives other their yours at times. That’s the only way to be truly helpful.

  35. 8242

    Their is one major shortcoming with this article. You state “Google’s aim is simple: connect its searchers with the most relevant content.”

    This is incorrect. It did used to be the case but Google has moved on and it’s time for writers like yourself to do the same. To stop treatig Google as if it is some deity to be in awe of and to bow down to. Google used to be great, now it is not.

    If you think about it, it is impossible for Google to connect its searchers with the most relavent content. The reason being that Google specifically exclude or down grade web content based on other factors than relevance. Age of website (new websites struggle to get anywhere in google meaning that the results Google delivers are older and more stale and out of date than some other search egines. Google gives first page dominance to its own products and services, followed by those of the likes of Ebay, Amazon etc. Being the biggest does not mean being the best or the most relevant.

    Google now offers the worst search experience currently available yet their web dominance means that people assume the opposite.

    It is now time for searchers to realise that Google is not what it used to be and to make that change to a better, more accurate search engine. Try the others, you will be pleasantly surprised.

    I am not affiliated to any search engine I am just tired of the big G, pretending to be great when it is isn’t and it is time for search engine specialists to stand up and make sure that everyone knows this. If we keep praising Google and making out that it is still the best then we are misleading our clients and your readers.

    Go on, I dare you, be brave and denounce Google for the Charlatan it has become

  36. 8443

    And any SEO company that can guarantee you rankings in a short amount of time is not an SEO firm you want to hire.

  37. 8644

    This truth is all the more painful, as most organizations are not configured to do this properly. It’s a real thinking.

  38. 8845

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