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What’s going on in the industry? What new techniques have emerged recently? What insights, tools, tips and tricks is the web design community talking about? Anselm Hannemann is collecting everything that popped up over the last week in his web development reading list so that you don’t miss out on anything. The result is a carefully curated list of articles and resources that are worth taking a closer look at.

Winter isn’t here yet, instead as you’re reading this, I’m out for another biking session in the mountains today. You might already have noticed how important nature is to me. So this week, seeing the international climate conference in Paris not aiming for an ambitious goal, a reader sent me this great article in which he questions what we as people in the tech industry can personally do against global warming. If you’re caring only a bit about this, read it and think about it. Have a great week and try out some of the amazing web development stuff I collected for you this week:


PHP7 is finally here. Make sure to check the Migration Guide. Image Credit




Web Performance

  • Rebecca Murphey shares the fresh concepts of HTTP/2 and how it will affect our tool and build chain for JavaScript applications. A few good thoughts in there that we can keep in mind to optimize the delivery of large-scale front-end applications.



  • Did you ever want to really understand how promises work? This guide is the definitive answer to probably all your questions.

CSS / Sass

Work & Life

  • “As a leader, your goal should always be to build structures and processes that don’t depend on you and ideally don’t need you.” says Adam Pisoni in his great article on how to scale yourself as a technology leader.

Go Beyond…

  • Care about the environment? This week Elon Musk held a talk to students in Paris in which he reflected on how we can reduce carbon emissions. It’s interesting to read this different opinion on the topic, especially from someone who clearly knows how companies roll. Worth reading.

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