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What’s going on in the industry? What new techniques have emerged recently? What insights, tools, tips and tricks is the web design community talking about? Anselm Hannemann is collecting everything that popped up over the last week in his web development reading list so that you don’t miss out on anything. The result is a carefully curated list of articles and resources that are worth taking a closer look at.

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  • Microsoft open sourced their JavaScript engine Chakra. This is a lovely step and means that we’re likely to see a solid alternative to V8 now as they want to support Node.js as well. Great move by the Edge Dev team.
  • Mozilla just announced this week that they will stop developing Firefox OS for Smartphones. It’s sad to hear the news since Firefox OS has brought us many new web technology APIs but it’s also understandable that it had no opportunity chances among the big players.
Microsoft has open sourced their JavaScript engine Chakra.(View large version)


Concepts & Design


  • There are so many things to take care of these days that we sometimes are not aware how much impact something has. But we should really not underestimate the leak of credentials. An article explains the worst things that can easily happen, how severe it is, and what you have to do if it happened to you.


CSS / Sass

Work & Life

  • Kai Brach has written about the challenges and importance of doing meaningful work. And we’re experiencing that having a personal touch around what you do is what people want to hear. Because we have an overload of information, we are in need of an opinion of someone we trust.
  • Corey Vilhauer gives some advice for everyone out there to personally feel better and live a better live without changing much. You just need to adjust your mindset and remember yourself to re-frame things properly.

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