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Web Development Reading List #160: Real Stories About HTTP/2, Cascading Style Sheets, And Code Of Shame

We have great new technology available to enhance our websites. But while theoretical articles explain well what the technologies do, we often struggle to find real use cases or details on how things worked out in actual projects.

This week I stumbled across a couple of great posts that share exactly these precious real-life insights: stories about HTTP/2 implementation, experiences from using the Cascade of CSS in large-scale projects, and insights into employing Service Worker and BackgroundSync to build solid forms.

Further Reading on SmashingMag: Link

News Link

Coming soon to Firefox: a feature that will warn users when they type a password into an insecure (HTTP) page or form.9
Coming soon to Firefox: a feature that will warn users when they type a password into an insecure (HTTP) page or form. (Image credit: Ryan Feeley10)

Web Performance Link

Accessibility Link

JavaScript Link

  • Michael Scharnagl explains how you can enhance a basic form13 (i.e. a login or comment form) with custom validation, AJAX requests, auto-expansion of a textarea, and, finally, Service Worker and BackgroundSync to store input when a connection is unstable.

CSS/Sass Link

Work & Life Link

  • Justin White shares his story of becoming a programmer15, his job hunt in the Silicon Valley, and why he chose not to work for an average startup.
  • The CTO of Basecamp critizes Microsoft’s new advertising campaign for Office 36516. A good read on why sleep and dedicated non-work matter and why we shouldn’t endorse companies that don’t value these needs.
  • I don’t want to write too much about this weird Black Friday thing that causes millions of people to buy stuff they’ll never use or need, but Jason Koebler has the best Black Friday deal ever: repair a gadget you already own17 instead of buying new stuff.
For a lot of designers and developers Silicon Valley seems to be the promised land. Justin White shares how he left behind his Silicon Valley dream to find a saner place to work.18
For a lot of designers and developers Silicon Valley seems to be the promised land. Justin White shares how he left behind his Silicon Valley dream19 to find a saner place to work.

Going Beyond… Link

  • Bill Sourour’s article “The Code I’m Still Ashamed Of20” points out an important aspect of our jobs as developers: responsibility. An incredibly important story.

And with that, I’ll close for this week. If you like what I write each week, please support me with a donation21 or share this resource with other people. You can learn more about the costs of the project here22. It’s available via email, RSS and online.

— Anselm

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is a freelance front-end developer and architect and cares about sustainable front-end experiences and ethical choices in life. He curates the WDRL, a weekly handcrafted web development newsletter that thousands of developers love, subscribe to, and donate for.

  1. 1

    Nice round-up. Thought-provoking articles by Bill Sourour and the Basecamp CTO that I will definitely share.

    As much as I enjoy the technical stuff, it’s always nice to come across your lists, and read around a subject and see how it fits with (in these cases) our sense of ethics or work-life balance.

  2. 2

    I woke up, slipped on my house slippers, walked down the stairs, opened up this Article, and started reading.

    I forgot to make a morning cuppa!

    Very great reading list #160 this week.

    This makes me want to get into Atomic CSS some more.

    Anything I read here will be incorporated into my lifestyle/biz, as usual.

    This is why Anselm contributes making the Development world a better place.

    We all have to be Responsible Developers.

    Responsible in the sense of a man; that if you accept 100% Responsibility for your written Code, you are no longer a boy, but a Man.

    That includes your great smiles all you Developers 😀

    Kind regards,


    • 3

      Anselm Hannemann

      November 27, 2016 10:07 pm

      Aw, thank you so much for these kind words. Really glad you enjoy it so much 😊

  3. 4

    Awesome reading list
    Thanks for the share

  4. 5

    “It’s time to secure every login with an HTTPS connection and enforce this as a best practice.”

    That’s not the way to go! People should never secure single pages with HTTPS, always protect the whole website, otherwise the login is still insecure as it can be tinkered with. Just wanted to point that out.

    But a great list as always :)

    • 6

      Anselm Hannemann

      December 1, 2016 1:19 pm

      I totally agree on that, Chris. I’m sorry if you read it differently, that was not intended. The intention was to say “please add TLS to your whole website now, especially if you have a form somewhere”.


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