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Web Development Reading List #182: IPFS Wikipedia, New Webpack CLI, And CSS Grid Breakout

When did you take your last vacation? For many of us, it was probably a long time ago. However, since quite a while, I stumble across more and more stories about companies that take unusual steps vacation-wise. Companies giving their employees a day off each week in summer or going on vacation together as a team building event instead of traveling somewhere just to work.

But while there’s a new generation building their dream work environments, a lot of people still suffer from very bad working conditions. They work long hours and are discriminated or harassed by colleagues or their managers. And just this week, I heard that many company owners are desperate because “Generation Y” doesn’t want to work long hours anymore.

As with every major break in generations, I think it’s good to have people standing up for their rights, enjoying their life and their work. But we also need to talk with executives who are under pressure to match deadlines. Because only if we show them evidence that working less can be beneficial for their employees’ health and productiveness, we can convince them to let us work more freely.

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Turkish IPFS Wikipedia7
To improve access to information, the IPFS Project creates uncensorable versions of Wikipedia8. A Turkish version is already available.

Concept & Design Link

Tools & Workflow Link

  • Even Stensberg announced the new Webpack CLI10 which features an init and migrate command to help ease the setup of Webpack.

CSS/Sass Link

Breaking Out With CSS Grid Layout13
Allowing certain elements to fill the full viewport width from within a fixed-width container? CSS Grid makes it possible14. (Image credit15)

Work & Life Link

  • Laïla von Alvensleben shares why the company she works at decided to do a different kind of team trip for a change16. When traveling to Sri Lanka, the Hanno team chose to not bring their laptops or plan work-related meetings or activities but focus on Yoga and surfing instead to bond as a team.

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