Web Development Reading List #183: Comedy In Design, Security Checklist And The Life As A Nobody

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What’s going on in the industry? What new techniques have emerged recently? What insights, tools, tips and tricks is the web design community talking about? Anselm Hannemann is collecting everything that popped up over the last week in his web development reading list so that you don’t miss out on anything. The result is a carefully curated list of articles and resources that are worth taking a closer look at.

When was the last time you took some time to reflect? Constantly surrounded by news and notifications to keep up with and in a rush to get things done more efficiently, it’s important that we take a step back from time to time to reflect our actions and opinions.

Reflect if you are working the way you want to work, reflect if you live your life as you want it to be, but also everyday matters. Do you really need that one particular app or service, for example, or could you live without it? Sometimes less is more and efficiency isn’t everything. What counts is how you use your time.



Concept & Design

  • Espen Brunborg gave a great talk at this year’s Beyond Tellerrand conference about “The Secret Life of Comedy.” Worth watching.
The Secret Life Of Comedy
In his Beyond Tellerand talk, Espen Brunborg unveils how adding a pinch of comedy can make a real difference in web design. (Image credit)

Tools & Workflows

  • Lea Verou introduced Mavo this week, a library that turns your HTML-based markup (which contains some special attributes) into an interactive web application. An interesting project that is worth following.


Web Security Checklist
The security issues you should consider when developing a web application in one handy checklist. (Image credit)



  • Scott O’Hara published an introduction to the new CSS :focus-within pseudo-class that is part of CSS Selectors Level 4 and now supported in Firefox, Safari, and, soon, in Chrome. It’s a great addition to :focus and solves common issues with focus styling relatively easily.

Work & Life

  • Zat Rana wrote an interesting article in which he concludes that the purpose of life is to be a nobody. And while it sounds stupid at first glance, the article makes some very valid points to back up this bold statement.

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