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Web Development Reading List #186: Tor 7, Designing Depth, And Mac Ransomware

Design is one of the most controversial things in our industry. There are barely any redesigns that aren’t discussed heavily in the community. Changing a well-working design is even harder as people tend to dislike anything new, but if we give them a bit of time, they might start to see things from a different perspective.

Instead of following what everyone else is doing, we shouldn’t hesitate to leave the beaten tracks when designing — by creating a contrast-rich, deep design without using drop shadows, for example. Whatever you do, be sure to explore new options whenever you can.

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News Link

  • Chrome 60 beta is available5 and brings us the Paint Timing API, CSS’ font-display property, the Web Budget API, and Credential Management API improvements.
  • Firefox 54 is out6 — and, thanks to a new multi-process architecture, with huge performance improvements. The update also brings7 us the new Web Extension APIs as well as CSS clip-path improvements with basic shapes.
  • A new version of Tor Browser was released, too: Tor Browser 7.08. The new version is based on Firefox 52 ESR and, thus, has multi-process mode and sandboxing on Linux and macOS (Windows coming soon) enabled.
Firefox Multi-Process Architecture9
Its new multi-process architecture10 allows Firefox to run many simultaneous content processes in addition to a UI process. (Image credit11)

Concept & Design Link

Designing Depth14
Designing depth without any drop shadows? Scott Jensen shows how you can do it15. (Image credit16)

Security Link

  • Patrick Wardle found evidence that there’s a macOS ransomware spreading and wrote up the key facts about it17. This shows that the Mac platform is growing and attackers start targeting users as well. Better be safe and have a valid, usable backup.

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is a freelance front-end developer who cares about sustainable front-end experiences and ethical choices in life. He writes the WDRL, and is co-founder of the event platform Colloq.

  1. 1

    Thanks for the weekly news! I also noticed this: Apache Module mod_http2 is not flaged with “experimental” any more, so maybe it can now be deployed on production servers?

    • 2

      Hey, I wouldn’t want to recommend any specifics here. I know people who use this module already on production and some even since quite some time. I know people who still want to wait a bit. I’d recommend that if you want to roll this out, you do so on your test servers and see what happens. Then do some load testing and if everything is fine, you might want to roll out on production.

  2. 3

    Munna Hossain

    June 17, 2017 4:37 am

    Hey, Anselm.
    Thanks for sharing such an informative and important article. This list is really helpful for the web developers.

  3. 5

    I really like Scott Jensen’s idea about atmospheric perspective. I’d imagine that combined with a very very subtle drop shadow approach to be even more effectful. Thanks for the heads up!

    • 6

      I somehow also do hope that depth maps get more attention in web development to enrich the content experience on enabled devices/systems. If you don’t know what it is, take e.g. a quick peek here to get an idea:

      This would make transitions less “leveled” and icons theirselves far more “believable” if moved somewhere on the screen. Plus you could perhaps also add sprinkles of dynamic lighting somewhen in the more distant future.

  4. 7

    Hi, good article as always :)
    You should check your title, though, there is a typo ;)


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